Monster to Monster… Fan to fan…

As probably you can imagine so far, I am a Lady Gaga fan. I like her easy to listen music, I like the dramatic fashion…

However there is so much more than simply music and fashion beneath the Lady Gaga brand. There is a whole brand identity going, and she supports it through everything she does.

I went to her “Monster Ball” at the O2 a week ago. And oh the surprise… it was a show, an actual produced show with a story line, amazing props and a script… Yes I have been to other “big” concerts, but I have never seen something like that at least nowadays. People dance and sing… Madonna does, Britney does… But Lady Gaga literally was living in a movie for 2 hours…

The connection she had with the fans was incredible. Phrases like “I will die for you”, “you are the most important relationship in my life” and so on were only some of the incredible submission Gaga had for her fans. It is either that she is incredibly gentle soul and thinks and believes all that.. or that she is a very good actress and a marketing genius and everything is scripted to the last bit… i know what I think, but i am leaving for you to decide…

Here are some images of the show. Quite spectacular, but to be honest… a bit too much… and definitely I would not take my little sister/cousin/nephew/niece/child to that concert. It is definitely rated R (and I am the furthest away from a prude possible… but there is blood, monsters, sexual innuendos and a lot of crotch grabbing motions- a bit not youngster appropriate)

images courtesy of my friend Katie who was basically watching the show through the monitor of her little camera! Mad props and thanks to her!


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