Month: September 2010

Google Vs. Skype

I just read on Mashable that there was a web faceoff between Google Voice and Skype. Well certainly it was high time for that… I am a big Google fan, and they keep on winning me over with everything they do (well… almost everything)

Skype has been on my computer for years, and I mean like at least 6 years, which is a lot given it was launched in 2003. And I am very thankful for Skype, it has been an incredible tool for keeping up with family and friends that are half-way across the world in all my years of worldly roaming; and believe it or not I met my longest relationship on Skype. But lately Skype has been a little picky. There were so many problems with the connection, with the camera, with the voice, it was shutting down, and being completely not responsive… and of course the blame might be on my old craptastic laptop, but still Skype was the pickiest of all prgrammes I have installed.


So when I was completely bummed with my poor old Skype, Google like a knight in shiny armour announced they are launching Google voice, and even better it is incorporated in gchat and the calls to phone numbers in the US are free. Well, excitement does not fully describe my feelings. Google voice works perfectly! The calls are clear, the camera never crashes, all the friends on gchat can use it and again, it is free to call cell phones! So yeah now it is being used a bit more than Skype. The only problem is that not all my friends that are on Skype have gmail accounts, but that is changing…

Which one do you prefer? Have the launching of Google voice changed your Skype habits?


Hurray for the New Twitter!

Twitter has evolved!! At last!!  It has pictures, and videos, and maps, and it is all on the same page, and you don’t have to go back and forth, and you can search so much easier, (phew!) yeah I am excited!

I am still discovering all the little new developments, as I just got updated like yesterday, but so far so good!

But dear Twitter peeps, one little thing- can you add a date! You can still say 1 hour ago, but please do add a date somewhere on the tweets… just a little suggestion.

Oh yeah… and they have a pretty sweet ad to promote their developments.

“It’s My Time” According to Benetton

Benetton has always been innovative and incredibly aesthetically pleasing with their advertising campaigns. Their newest spring/summer 2011 campaign is no exception. The campaign is called “IT’S MY TIME” and is the epitome of social media and the empowerment it provides for the Web 2.0 people.

It is the campaign where fashion meets social media.

The casting is happening online on Benetton’s casting webpage and they say that they are “looking for something different, something unconventional, something surprising, something real. It’s not just how you look but how you are.” How amazing is this? And, of course,  the pictures are phenomenal too…

Oh that Miu Miu dress… again!

Miu Miu Appliqué Lace Dress  has been the most popular fashion item in the past couple of months. It is EVERYWHERE! I wonder whether it is on purpose or a mistake of the Miu Miu PR office… or just stylists Love! that dress because it photographs well… anyway it has been a bit over-exploited. Some of the covers it made it on are below.

Is it really THAT amazing of a garment?!

Harper’s Bazaar UK Oct 2011

Vogue Australia October 2011

The rest of the magazines from last month: Elle UK, W magazine,  Elle Sweden and Vogue UK

Marc Jacobs S/S20011

Marc is a genius as always! Love the color choices, the fabric choices and the floral motifs… Gorgeous!

News Songs, Song News, Funny Stuff

Warning: Be aware that after listening to the songs bellow they will be stuck in your head for days!

So recently I was introduced to the schmoyoho channel on YouTube. All their videos are hilarious, extra viral and made by very very talented people! Check my fave videos out…

Axe- Lessons in Being Ridiculous

As a fan of the Old Spice man I feel like I should make a post about the competition- Axe. Unilever have been smart and funny about Axe commercials since forever… If you think about some of the funnies ads in the past Axe’s always comes to mind with the Axe effect and all the women taking their clothes off or doing crazy things because they have been victims of the Axe effect… So Axe=funny and smart, even a bit scandalous (for long long time… )

Now their newest ad I saw on TV the other day is even more ridiculous! I kind of gasped when I saw it, because it was on TV in prime time, and it is funny but yet a bit controversial. It leaves a lot to the imagination, and I think that is the great part of it. Nothing is showed literally… but stated that Axe cleans your balls… all the kinds of them…

It is also interesting to note that the ad was published on YouTube in January 2010, or almost 9 months ago… and it is just now picking up a viral status. Is it because Old Spice was overshadowing it?

Dolce and Gabbana S/S 2011

Love love love! the cutout lace and beading! Very retro and yet modern… and of course the black and white color scheme is just exquisite!

The Alphabet according to Google

So the almighty Google introduced Google Instant this week, and of course the blogosphere picked up the news and opinions, experiments and predictions filled the news.

An interesting experiment was conducted by @jeffjarvis and then picked up by AdAge and many other bloggers… So I too decided to see what is up with the Google Alphabet and compare to the others…

As Google representatives stated that the algorithms for Google Instant are the same as Autocomplete, and it sorts by popularity and changes the order,  my alphabet is a bit different than the others I have seen. However I assume the results are location based, and not very personalized as I have never searched for any of the top results.

A is fo Amazon

B for Best Buy

C for Craigslist

D is for Dictionary

E for Ebay

F for facebook

G is for Gmal (of course)

H for Hotmail

I is for IKEA

J for Jet Blue

K for Kohls

L for Lowes

M is for Mapquest

N means Netflix

O is for Orbitz

P is for Pandora

Q is for Quotes

R is Rei

S Is for Sears

T for Target

U for USPS

V for Verizon

W for Weather

X  is Xbox

Y- Yourtube

Z for Zillow