The Social Network- “Facebook is like fashion. It never ends.”

Just saw the “Social Network” last night, and I really liked it. It is a bit sad that they did not put more emphasis on the actual Facebook and how much it has changed the way we communicate. But indeed the film was very very interesting.

My favourite part was when Mark Zuckerberg answered to the question when will Facebook be done with something like – It will never be done. It is like fashion. Fashion never ends.

This attitude is so true about how Facebook rolls, as they are changing and developing  it constantly. Currently the biggest change will be the new facebook groups and I am excited to see how it will work when it rolls out.

So in short- see the movie. You will not regret it.


  1. “Facebook is like fashion. It never ends.” I met a designer
    last night at a party and quoted this line to her (she hadnt seen
    the flick) only I changed the word “facebook” for “technology” : “I
    am totally fascinated by the fashion industry, because like
    technology, it never ends. They´re both infinite.” It blew her

  2. I only recently saw this for the first time. My son sat by and said, “he is such an A$$” I said, “no, he is smart, just very smart” and no one can doubt that. In the business world your loyalty is not to your friends, it is to your business. Whether or not that is ethical in your world, is your issue. But unquestionably, Zuckerman is one SMART cookie!

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