Only girl in the world… A girl again?

Rihanna’s new video  The Only Girl (In the World) debuted a couple of weeks back, but it is getting better and better the more I watch it..

And of course, I am so happy Rihanna looks like a girl again, and dropped the crazy super edgy short hair look at last! (Yay for long curly hair, is all I’m sayin’) I like the new image she is spotting, even her website is revamped and all pinkyfied and girly. Her new hair colour is amazing! I Love the bright red hue, although the blogosphere is not very happy about… oh well, to each their own.

I think the styling in the video is great, it is very girly, yet edgy and glamorous. The whole video is in very saturated colours, which makes it surreal and as if it is in a parallel universe, quite like “Te Amo” just in another more pink colour scheme. I assume RiRi is out of her dark place, and in with the feminine. Good for her!


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