Necessities, Staples and Other Closet Essentials: The Perfect Bra

So to begin this little diary of staples of mine I will start with an item I can’t live without. An amazing push-up bra! Who needs silicone, when you can have Victoria’s Secret!?

I have been a VS fan since I went to the US for first time, and to be honest that will probably not change… ever. Why? Because I discovered their Miraculous Push-up Bra, and I own one in any color you can think of. It is comfy, looks amazing, and gives you a cleavage that only a miracle can provide. Of course I am not a DD cup, so it does work great in accentuating what is already there. Definitely a must own, and it is great that they have a simple satin version for every day and a sexy lace version for a little more spice and zazs or just when you feel hot…

So yes, a perfect bra is an amazing way for you ladies to feel confident and as perky as it gets. This one is my version because although we are all beautiful, a little extra push-up is always a plus.




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