Month: December 2010

United State of Pop 2010 is Out!

OMG! This is a happy day! I have been waiting for this mashup since like the beginning of December 🙂

I love DJ Earworm’s mashups, they are like a little memory lane of the year past, memories in music; especially for a person like me who is a pop-addict and has a permanent soundtrack to my life that is playing constantly from my iPod.

Enjoy, hope you love it!

Google Rules The World

Cloud computing at its best through Chrome OS. I am still a bit weary although it is on my New Years Resolution list- to update my browser that is… and to get on the cloud, as my little computer is rusty indeed…

Merry Christmas


I love Christmas! It is the best holiday in the year. It is a time when all are together, all are happy and full of joy and delicious food goodness. It is the time when we all look backwards and inwards, and seek and wish. Time when we forgive. Time when we love and are loved.

Let’s all be good this Christmas and may Santa bring to the whole world a little more warmth and many more smiles.

Merry Christmas!

Cell Phone Usage- Guess Who is #5?

Fascinating, and a bit worrying infogrpah about cell phone usage. Bulgaria ranks number 5 with on average 1.47 cell phones per person.  10% of people under 25 years will text while having sex! Or in the words from the Windows 7 phone ad – REALLY!?!?

Cloud Computing Explained Simple

So I have been hearing talk about Cloud Computing since about this time last year, and to be honest to this day I don’t have a crystal clear idea what exactly it is, how I can use it, how it will help me, and so on. I know it is the future, but don’t really know why. So to see this video, and have the concept of cloud computing explained to me by a 10-year old is kind of scary.

I got to thinking that it is true, these kids are just like me and my parents, I grew up with a computer, my parents didn’t. I have a blog and don’t mind my life being in the online space, my parents don’t and do mind. Even if we go back to my grandma… she would put cheese in front of the mouse, that is how computer-illiterate she is. Of course I do remember shopping before amazon, and the world where e-mail was something strange and unknown, but me and my generation are just a bit behind these 10- year-old computer-wizards who used laptops and mobile phones as baby-toys. So indeed as a whole they are more knowledgeable and savvy than us, or even more- the generation above us. It is good to listen to these kids, see what they do and pay attention to what they have to say, because they are the ones who will think of the next big thing.

Good for Accenture to position themselves in a way that shows their understanding of the changing world, but I have never doubted that one of the best consultancy agencies in the world could do that. Anyways, the video is adorable and very thought provoking. But still.. what is cloud computing really?

Infograph from Wikibon

Beauty from Tumblr: Guess What’s on My Mind!?

Christmas is in the air, so all I can think of is happy times with lovely people, gifts, peppermint mochas, Christmas decoration and joyful bliss! 20 days!

Evolution of the Blogger: Pictograph

This is yet another amazing graph from Flowtown – The Evolution of the Blogger.

This really sums up what the groups around the blogosphere, and I am happy that they are making note of the emerging micro-blogging trends. With the development of tumblr and twitter (and all photo apps that link to it) as well as jaiku and other less known microblogging platforms,  photoblogging and microblogging are becoming more and more wide-used. And the be honest – who has time to read thousand-word long blogposts when you are following 20-30+ blogs (or even more for that matter). 140 characters is what my attention span has been reduced to. 🙂

Also it is great to acknowledge the importance that some of the company blogs have, in order to establish a company or their products as a source of useful information or even a go-to resource for information, trends and ideas.

Also vlogging is a trend that perhaps needs a graph of its own, but it is good that it is on the little chart. With millions and millions of clicks on some of the most famous youtube vloggers, there is no way that it will be passed unnoticed. The audience to which these people are speaking is tremendous. I will really be interested to see a study about vloggers, to figure out whether my gut feeling, that only the entertaining and brainless vlogs are uber-popular, is true…. food for thought (and research)…

Little Side Note:

Dear Flowtown, I heart you so much! Thank you for always making my days with your witty, thought-provoking and amazing graphs!

Yours sincerely,