Day: December 4, 2010

Evolution of the Blogger: Pictograph

This is yet another amazing graph from Flowtown – The Evolution of the Blogger.

This really sums up what the groups around the blogosphere, and I am happy that they are making note of the emerging micro-blogging trends. With the development of tumblr and twitter (and all photo apps that link to it) as well as jaiku and other less known microblogging platforms,  photoblogging and microblogging are becoming more and more wide-used. And the be honest – who has time to read thousand-word long blogposts when you are following 20-30+ blogs (or even more for that matter). 140 characters is what my attention span has been reduced to. 🙂

Also it is great to acknowledge the importance that some of the company blogs have, in order to establish a company or their products as a source of useful information or even a go-to resource for information, trends and ideas.

Also vlogging is a trend that perhaps needs a graph of its own, but it is good that it is on the little chart. With millions and millions of clicks on some of the most famous youtube vloggers, there is no way that it will be passed unnoticed. The audience to which these people are speaking is tremendous. I will really be interested to see a study about vloggers, to figure out whether my gut feeling, that only the entertaining and brainless vlogs are uber-popular, is true…. food for thought (and research)…

Little Side Note:

Dear Flowtown, I heart you so much! Thank you for always making my days with your witty, thought-provoking and amazing graphs!

Yours sincerely,


Madonna Never Gets Old For Dolce

Dolce and Gabbana’s Winter 2010/11 ad campaign features Madonna. Yet again an icon is being used by an iconic brand.

The photo-shoot is a bit controversial and even strange, but of course it would not be Dolce and Gabbana if it wasn’t.  Roosters, babies, and old men.. I guess life is a never ending tale of adventures for D. and G., in which Madonna  dressed in black lace fits fabulously. Some of the photos have a bit of a Malena-undertone… but that might just be me. And of course, as all black and white things in this world… there is no way I wouldn’t love it.

For all the bizarre images go have fun at the Golce and Gabbana website.




Exclusivity Pays Off*

In times where everyone wants to be covered everywhere, and designers invite bloggers and provide them with laptops for easy sharing in order to create more buzz and put their names on all types of social networks, there is one social media hermit who is trying to avoid the revolution and keeps it to himself and just a few selected individuals. Tom Ford.

For the first time since fashion week I got to see some of the amazing creations Mr. Ford showed to exclusive audience. A collection modeled by his muses, presented by him and viewed by few, but appreciated by many. Perhaps avoiding the social media outlets and bloggers is proving to be a win for the designer, as the interest for the collection is great. It is covered Vogue US and Vogue Paris, and many other publications including Harper’s Bazaar (where the photos are from).

The collection is amazing, details as always are a focal point that is delicate yet screams for attention. And what strikes me the most is that when I looked at the photos first I noticed the clothes and it took me a few seconds to realize that they are on famous people. Gorgeous!











*Only if you are Tom Ford.

Fashion with Style

I have been meaning to write about Giovanna Battaglia for very long time, simply because I admire her style, and she is a woman who exudes elegance from every single angle. The fashion editor at L’Uomo Vogue and a freelance stylist, Giovanna is one of the most stylish people in the fashion world.

I am addicted to the Sartorialist, and have been for years; so that is how I found out who Giovanna is – through Scott Schuman’s amazing photographs of her. Indeed, her face often graces his blog and definitely there is a reason for that. Her style is elegant and simple, always with some flair, and she is an amazing example of how you don’t have to be a barbie-look-a-like to be gorgeous.  

I have chosen some of my favourite looks for here, but I would definitely say visit Giovanna’s Facebook fan page and browse through all the photos, or even Google her to see her looks, style and grace.  She is one of the people about whom I would like to say – I wanna be her when I grow up. Definitely a style master, and a name that should be known to anyone and everyone who has to do, even remotely, something with fashion or style.