Month: January 2011

7 minutes of Bliss with the Sartorialist

Only three words- Inspiring. Brilliant. Amazing.

The Sartorialist, or the man behind the fantastic blog- Scott Schumann, is sharing pieces of his vision and everyday life.

I’m in awe with the guy, and have been for years now… and honestly would love to meet him one day to tell him how great he is, not because his blog is one of the most read on the web, but because he has a magnificent way to see the beauty in the everyday prosaic world, and thorough his lens to create an imagery that is truly inspiring.

Lady Gaga for Polaroid: Gray Label

For me Polaroid is something like an antique – this amazing camera from my childhood, that spits the pictures out, and then you shake them and voilà! They are iconic brand, but in the same time, not the first choice when you talk about a camera, and definitely not the lead when you start talking about coolness and innovation.

That was until now. Since the beginning of 2010 Polaroid has had Lady Gaga as their creative director, and the collaboration has resulted in Polaroid’s new products – Gray Label that include GL10 Instant Mobile Printer, GL20 Camera Glasses and GL30 Instant Digital Camera. The brand presented them this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, and definitely has been in the news ever since.

Gaga is like the golden egg, she turns all she touches in high-fashion- crazy ideas- buzzing amazingness, and Polaroid knew that very well, before they offered her the collaboration. I am not really seeing myself with a pair of camera glasses that shows my photos on LED screens on top of the lenses… but I am more than certain there are a ton of other little monsters that would be more than glad to be “trendsetters” and “express themselves” is this way. So we shall see what happens when the buzz subsides, and Polaroid shows their sale numbers. But apart from sales, yes, it was a marvelous rebranding idea, I must say. In with the hip, out with the antique.

full story at Mashable