Random Dreaming/thinking…

Do you have a crazy dream… one that will probably never come true… and even if it did, you would not know what to do… But it is still a wonderful dream in your mind.

I have one- to own a strawberry pink Volkswagen van. I saw for real one last year on Waterloo bridge in London (took a pic of me with it to prove it exists) and since then I have been in love with the idea of it. I saw this pic (up) on tumblr of a little pink vw van toy and remembered the real one I saw, and London, and all the crazy things that have happened to me since the night of the picture… the changes, the moves, the crazyness… but amidst it all the pink van has been a constant, and I haven’t forgotten I want one, just because they are pretty and I am in love with the sole idea of it. So yeah, things change, life gives you sometimes strawberries, sometimes lemons… but some things should be out there-unattainable but constant, just to keep us sane, but wonderfully dreamy.




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