Month: April 2011

Necessities, Staples and Other Closet Essentials: The Go-to Tee

A little while back I started a little blog of wardrobe must-haves, that I called Necessities, Staples and Other Closet Essentials. I worte about the perfect bra, the leather jacket and the lbd sometime ago. But after a week of watching What Not To Wear, and a day full of personal shopping for a friends I decided to keep this little blog with stuff that I think is important for every woman’s closet. But, hey, I will completely honest I am not Stacey London, no guru or a fashionista extraordinaire… I am still learning and just sharing experience, so hopefully I will get to improve my own wardrobe 🙂

So let’s talk about the go-to tee, the one (or more) that you have that are perfect for everything! Paired with jeans and flats for the weekend, tucked in a pencil skirt for work, or bling-ed up with jewelery and heels for the night. I have more than a couple such tops that I absolutely love and wear quite often, so I will suggest similar  🙂

The first one is a light gray tee. It is a neutral and goes with everything, but it is not the typical black. It is good for it to have a bit of detail- be it a pocket, a little embellishment or a funky neckline. The detail helps if you just want to throw it on or gives you further help of how to style it and what to pair it with.

€10 (on sale)
The second one is a simple black tee. Typical right 🙂 I spent a great deal of time looking for the perfect just black tee and in the end found one in h&m that is just amazing!  My thing with the black tees is the simpler, the better, because it is like a blank canvas, you can do whatever you want with it, and most of the time a lot can be done.
The only detail that is important is the neckline. I prefer scoopneck and boatneck lines, but a V-neck is definitely classic.  The fabric is also very important, Splendid use amazingly soft cotton fabrics.
There is more to come.. so patience and persistence is all you need 😀

A Little Romance from Tumblr

The Pleasure Hunt

So a week or so ago I found one of the coolest ad campaigns in the digital space!  Magnum, the ice cream, have created a pleasure hunt across the internet. Sounds kinda crazy huh? It is not anything, x-rated 🙂 The Magnum Pleasure Hunt is a little game that let’s you control a girl, who is running and collecting chocolate bonbons across the net.

Have a little sneak peak and then definitely try it!

It is quite entertaining, you get to run around beautiful websites for fancy vacations, jewelery, clothes, hotels… and the most original of all is that little things happen to your little girl along the way. I am not going to say more, so you can actually try it 🙂 If you ask someone else, they will say that this approach is quite childish and immature, but in the end, hey I am the target and I love it. There are always 5 minutes during the day when you browse aimlessly around the net, why not browse and have a flashback of the teenage days where we all played mario bros, but with a fancier chick instead of a dark-mustached cartoon italian plumber. Cute, fun and quite innovative approach for advertising. 🙂

Royal Wedding Times

So today April 29th 2011 was the day of the Royal Wedding. Prince William married Kate Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge) and the wedding was broadcasted, tweeted, facebooked, youtubed and everything else you can think of in this digital day and age.

Media I followed it on: TV – BBC Worldwide and TLC, twitter and facebook

Hours I spent in front of computer/tv : 3.5

Times I had goosebumps: Countless

But the one time my little heart skipped a beat was when she came out of the car and the whole world could have a good look of the dress.

White and ivory, long lace sleeves, vneck, quite plain, but very regal. The dress was created by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, which is a great step for the fashion world and British fashion. I love that Kate choose the McQueen House, because it carries a spirit of britishness mixed with contemporary feel, it is a great moment for Sarah Burton! Boy, what a year!

The dress is gorgeous! Very Grace Kelly and Audrey, timeless, classic and simply beautiful. So happy it was not something outrageous and frilly like Princess Diana’s dress. This was we can look back 30 years and still the dress will be amazing and not outdated.

Kate made her hair and makeup by herself, which is incredible. Both because shows how down-to-earth she is and because this is such an incredible pressure. But she looked great, indeed!

But the whole amazingness of this wedding was the idea that a common girl, not born royalty, can live the dream from the fairy tales and become a princess and have the most beautiful wedding the world has seen. We can all dream, right? 🙂

Or as Perez Hilton tweeted –

@PerezHilton : I want my own prince too! *sigh* Not a prince by title, but a prince to my heart! #RoyalWedding
We all do 🙂

Find Of the Day: Sofia Boutella

Cross my heart I thought this lady was a cartoon!! Her moves are out of this space, and it is great that Nike have her as a brand face for the women’s campaigns.

It is super cool because I have actually seen her live during Madonna’s  Sticky and Sweet tour, and actually noticed her then. But not thanks to the Hollywood Tonight video I realized who she is. her name is Sofia Boutella, and if you google her, there is so much that comes up- it is incredible! So do it, and you will find music videos, ads, competitions… She is a-mazing! I kinds feel ashamed that it is just now I found out who she is, but hey, it is never too late 🙂

Here is another Nike ad with her:

Hollywood Tonight

I dunno whether it is the song, the beat, the video or the combo, but I absolutely LOVE this song! Been listening to it all day and decided to share it.

Yes, MJ seems to be making music from the afterlife, but it is still great music! A little bit of background is on Wikipedia, for the curious ones 🙂 It is MJ, but in the same time it’s not 🙂

And Sophia Boutella (the girl in the video) is simply amazing! She is the Nike lady (who I really thought was a cartoon, stupid me… )

So enjoy and listen to it a couple of times, it is uber catchy!

Daily Dose of Beauty from Tumblr

 So spring is almost here. Easter is just around the corner and the whole world is a bit more sunny and full of pastels! Tumblr is full of pretty pictures as always. Here are some picks from the peeps I follow on Tumblr. Hope your Sunday is Beautiful!

Let’s Talk About Love!

I’m in absolute lust! My heart rate is up, I feel butterflies and I see these shoes even when I close my eyes! One word – gorgeous!!! McQueen is still a force! No doubt!
 €2,195 for these babies are the only reason they are not in my closet or on my feet (although they are too pretty to wear) 🙂

The New Cool Thing: Miniature Giraffes

So if you haven’t seen the ad above… what are you waiting for! It is 32 seconds of joy, that ends with a miniature giraffe. Indeed the ad is quite old… it was on TV last year when I was in the USofA, but the miniature giraffe is hysterical and worth watching again and again!

I have read a bunch of posts and comments about the mini creatures, but the best one so far is the Sokoblovsky Farms. They claim to be the best and only breeders of Petite Lap Giraffes! So hey.. if you want one you know where to get it- or at least see it on their blog –! Know that there is me and 901,271 more people on the waiting list for petite lap giraffe. But hey… one day! Who needs a toy puddle, when you can have a lap giraffe!

We Make Beautiful Sparks

Super duper cool! I am not even a Tropicana fan, but this ad definitely makes me juice-thirsty. How awesome is it! And it lights up at the end! Makes me happy… really!

This is innovation – get something ordinary and turn it into extraordinary! Plus, come on.. how catchy is this song? Beautiful sparks… duuupp too dooop!

Good job Tropicana people!