The Pleasure Hunt

So a week or so ago I found one of the coolest ad campaigns in the digital space!  Magnum, the ice cream, have created a pleasure hunt across the internet. Sounds kinda crazy huh? It is not anything, x-rated 🙂 The Magnum Pleasure Hunt is a little game that let’s you control a girl, who is running and collecting chocolate bonbons across the net.

Have a little sneak peak and then definitely try it!

It is quite entertaining, you get to run around beautiful websites for fancy vacations, jewelery, clothes, hotels… and the most original of all is that little things happen to your little girl along the way. I am not going to say more, so you can actually try it 🙂 If you ask someone else, they will say that this approach is quite childish and immature, but in the end, hey I am the target and I love it. There are always 5 minutes during the day when you browse aimlessly around the net, why not browse and have a flashback of the teenage days where we all played mario bros, but with a fancier chick instead of a dark-mustached cartoon italian plumber. Cute, fun and quite innovative approach for advertising. 🙂

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