Day: May 2, 2011

The Miniature Giraffe Exists!

So the mini giraffe at the Sokobolovsky Farm is real! And above he is asleep! (screenshot from 2 minutes ago!)

Have to share that I find it ridiculously hilarious, so I have been stalking the little thing on the blog, and it does move around. I think I need to find someone more devoted, for 24/7 surveillance so we can figure out how the f$#& they do that!?! As of tonight I make 1,020,232 on waiting list for petite lap giraffe. Quite popular little creature, huh? 🙂

Time for Something Pretty and Sweet

You know when you decide to go on a cleanse, and then all the ferocious cravings just cripple in your mind, and there are little things that you miss, want, need, and badly fantasize about? That time is kind of now for me, as yes it is time for spring body cleanse AND there is one thing that I miss, Oh so much… cupcakes!

Cupcakes are the little gourmet trend that I am a devoted follower to. I can give 6-7 dollars for a cupcake and it will be well worth the three bites. The sad thing is that I haven’t found the perfect bakery here that make real cupcakes, so perhaps I should think about a new venture. But down memory lane there are so many good cupcake times…

Love at first bite (and still my favourite in the whole wide world) was Hello Cupcake on Dupont Circle in DC. The favourite one there – heart of darkness. (I have been told it is made for me 🙂 ) But it is heaven-sent!

Then there came Hummingbird Bakery in Soho, when I lived in London. Ohm the red velvet is divine!

And then of course, when I was back in DC, I discovered the now so very famous Georgetown Cupcake (which are not THAT amazing, but still pretty darn good).

So while reminiscing about the amazingness the cupcakes provide to the taste buds, I decided to look for a little visual on tumblr. And oh boy, what a gallery there is…  that is another great thing about cupcakes – they soooo pretty!!! So here is my little sweet  slideshow (plus a couple of shots of my own cupcake- archives) 🙂

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Necessities, Staples and Other Closet Essentials: The Maxi Dress

So to keep on going about must haves in the closet… what could be next. It is summery and bright, comfy yet fashionable, easy but chic… it is the maxi dress.

I have been a fan for some years now, and own more than a couple and wear them all the time from May to October.

For me the basic types in terms of pattern are three – floral, stripe and solid. The good about the florals are that they are very very vibrant and light. You definitely get noticed, because you are a walking garden of joy. The solids are a tad bit more boring, but classier, and much easier to get them from day to night. Stripe (specially navy/black and white) are just classic, and I hope you agree they scream beach, sea and sun.

In terms of cuts it is good that the maxi have some form of structure, as there is so much fabric but definitely needs to be flowy enough. I am a huge fan of the dresses with empire waist as they outline the smallest part of the body and make your legs forever long.

Maybe I should include a little note here and say that I am 5.9 ft (175 cm) which is a good height for maxis. I think that all height is good height for maxies but…. if the maxi is waaaay too long when you try it on, then perhaps you should have a second thought about it. But hey… there are always tailors 🙂

So here are my suggestions in the usual two categories 🙂 I die for the D&G, but am definitely in love with the GAP too 🙂 Hope you likey!

Aspirational Amazingness
3,161.93 Euro
660 euro
Marvelous Choices for Mortals

Anthropologie – A Different Stripe Maxi Dress

142 Euro

Zara – Floral Maxi

45 Euro

GAP – Jersey maxi dress