Day: May 12, 2011

The Dress of the Season

Remember when I wrote about the Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2011 Show long, long time ago… well I still think it is genius, and there is one dress that is haunting me and I really really really think it is amazing. Dunno whether it is the color-pattern combo, the accentuated waist or the florals, or the complexity of the silhouette, but it is absolutely gorgeous! Just thought I will share the love, and perhaps some other fanatics will support my insanity 🙂

Necessities, Staples and Other Closet Essentials: The Shoulder Bag

Let’s talk about love.. I mean bags!!

A girl can’t have enough, it is like shoes.. but better, because bags never hurt. And there is one kind of bag that is the IT in the world of the bags -always there, full of everything you can possibly need in your life, and of course, a perfect addition to every outfit- the shoulder bag. It is that little treasure chest that you always carry around, that is full of magic and necessities. The perfect shoulder bag is big enough to fit your life in it, but small enough to be easy to carry around.

I am in love with the idea of two lengths of handles – shorter and longer, so that you can carry it as a messenger bag. It just gives some sort of chill and comfort and yet it is chic.

So here are the suggestions – I die for the marc by marc jacobs bags. 🙂

The Aspirational Amazingness:



Oversized Alexa leather bag


Marvelous Choice for Mortals:


Alexandra pleated leather messenger bag



Pearl leather shoulder bag



Lil Ukita leather shoulder bag



Quilted leather messenger bag