Sweet Magnum Ads

Remember the Pleasure Hunt? The super duper cool chasing around the internet game, just to find an icecream with chocolate deliciousness? Yeah… So Magnum are in for the social media/fashion/being cool game, and their campaign has reached a high that only few other brands can brag about. Uncle Karl!

Yep Karl Lagerfeld is in the Magnum house, and have created three short films, staring Rachel Bilson. All of them are a bit bizarre in their own Lagerfeld way. There is a model, a ballerina and an artist in the three videos, and of course they all eat ice cream and of course it makes everything better. Check them out on Magnum Icecream, to see whether you will crave some sweet icy chocolate delciousness after that, because indeed the ads are working. The whole idea – indulge in the things that makes you happy. What is more positive than that.

Of course wit

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