Welcome to the Bright Side


I feel like all my posts in the past week are about spring and summer and brights and sunshine! But after a winter that lasted from november till may, I just can’t help it, but be happy, because of the sunny weather and the lush greenery!

This whole bright setting of the meteorological conditions is perfect for bright frocks! This summer bright solid colors is definitely a trend, and I feel a bit early because I have dresses from quite some time ago that are solid brights (blue one is from the Limited, green one from Miss Selfridge), but of course that doesn’t mean new dresses in more bright shades are not to come.

Solid brights are very easy to wear, you just have to find the right color for you- from then on all you need is neutral shoes or floral accessories and you are off to go!

Marvelous Choices for Mortals


Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge 

Aspirational Amazingness

Herve Ledger

Alexander McQueen

Giambattista Valli



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