Gaga is Back on the Horizon

Gaga is back!

Not that she has ever left, but for the past few months it’s been kinda so so. We have been talking with friends, that her fame is soon to be up, but I guess this prophecy is not even close to be true. This week, Born This Way. the album is out, so she is literally everywhere!

Above is the interview at the View. I love how relaxed and normal she is in interviews. Ok, normal and relaxed is a bit of an understatement when two dudes take you out, because your shoes are too high to walk safely in them. But yeah, Gaga is a diva. A relaxed, normal diva.

Here are two of her diva outfits, she wore for the interview with David Letterman.

The Lacroix ensemble is amazing. It is almost straight off the runway. The Viktor and Rolf outfit, actually reminds me of the early Gaga no-pants-days, so it is also a win. The only thing is the hair – are we going to see more Cruella De Vil-like dos? And crucifixes dangling down? Really?

 Christian Lacroix

Viktor and Rolf

Pictures from google 🙂


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