Month: July 2011

Beauty from Tumblr

Tulips are the new roses. Simple. Beautiful. Fresh.

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Quote of the Day: Tim Gunn


Tim Gunn was on the Lopez Tonight Show and as always he was name-dropping and being funny and outrageously blatant. I absolutely love Tim Gunn and honestly wish he could be my best friend. I have a thing for people who verbalize in the best way possible everything that we all think, but can say for one reason or another. Tim Gunn is cool enough to do exactly that.

Bag Lust

So everytime I style and try to pick out the perfect bag for an outfit, there are four bags that I am drawn to. They are classic, cool, fun and functional, 4 qualities that are always mandatory when picking up a bag.

The PS1 by  Proenza Schouler is their only kind of bag, and ot comes in various sizes. Runs from $1500 up and comes in almost every color of the rainbow.

The Alexa by Mulberry is something I fell in love with when I was livig in London. It is the classic London-girl bag, and definiety I can see a readon why it is so popular. It also comes in various colors and runs from $1200 up.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are definitely screaming my name. The Lil Ukita and the Classic Q Hiller Hobo are two dreams of mine, that I plan on achieving some day. They come in different collors and run from about $400 up depending on the store. The Hiller is the perfect huge carry-all bag! My favourtite feature is that all of them have a short and a long handle, very handy!



Bag Lust




Styling Shenanigans: Sunny Days

Styling Shenanigans: Sunny Days

The Options to Change Make Life Interesting!

Few months ago Fergie went blond again, for Avon Advance Techniques Hair Dye. Since then she has won an award for Outspoken for Avon, created another fragrance Outspoken Intense and is on top of the charts with BEP.

So the magical formula of the 3-step hair colorants are here for all of us now!

Being a cosmetics fanatic and having had more hair colors on my hair than most of my friends together, I am super excited that I will be able to try the magical formula. The pre-step obviously does not let the dye damage the hair to the extend that most of the other products and brands do.

There are many many shades that you can choose from, and most of them are super natural-looking.

Huge thanks and admirations to the AVON publicists in Bulgaria for sending me this wonderful goodie bag, so I can try the products! Perhaps next weekend I will venture in the land of new-hair, and pick a box. Haven’t decided yet whether I want to be dark blonde or mahogany. 🙂

 Just a side note– the brush that was in the goodie bag is simply amazing! I am using a fab hair brush from the Body Shop right now, but this one is simply incredible! Thank you so much Avon!

Uncle Karl for Macy’s!

Is there something that Uncle Karl can’t do?! Chanel, H&M, Diet Coke bottle designs, commercials for magnum,  and now it is time for my fave department store – Macy’s! WWD reported The Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse collection will be in stores and on at the very end of August and will  have 45 limited edition styles and an average price tag of $100, with items in the range from $50 to $170.

His creativity and genius is neverending, and from the sketch that is out for PR reasons it seems the class of his designs is still in place. Way to go! I am very excited for the collection and can’t wait to see more! Such co-branding will more than fabulous to Macy’s too! We all know the hours-waits and mile-long lines that accompany these collaborations of high-end designers and normal people stores.

RIP Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London flat yesterday. The reasons are yet to be confirmed, but Perez Hilton announced that drugs are less likely to be the mail reason for the songstress untimely death.

I must say I am not the biggest fan and completely believe she is a terrible role model, but her talent was truly great and she did a lot for the contemporary soul music. It is so incredibly sad that such talent and unique voice was lost. She will be missed.

The Daily Mail published a long piece on Amy – ups and downs, drugs and all.



Watermelon Fantasy

Watermelon Fantasy

Summer joy – the Mojito

There is one thing that screams summer and it is the Mojito! It is my favorite summer deliciousness in a glass, but it is hard to make. The secret is the perfect balance between lime, mint, sugar and rum, and until you find the perfect balance for your taste here is a sample recipe.

All you need:

1.25 oz white rum
12 mint leaves
1 tbsp sugar
0.5 oz lime juice
2 oz soda

Place mint leaves in bottom of glass. Add crushed ice, rum, sugar, and lime juice, and muddle. Add soda water and garnish with mint leaves.

Enjoy with friends!