Bag Lust

So everytime I style and try to pick out the perfect bag for an outfit, there are four bags that I am drawn to. They are classic, cool, fun and functional, 4 qualities that are always mandatory when picking up a bag.

The PS1 by  Proenza Schouler is their only kind of bag, and ot comes in various sizes. Runs from $1500 up and comes in almost every color of the rainbow.

The Alexa by Mulberry is something I fell in love with when I was livig in London. It is the classic London-girl bag, and definiety I can see a readon why it is so popular. It also comes in various colors and runs from $1200 up.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are definitely screaming my name. The Lil Ukita and the Classic Q Hiller Hobo are two dreams of mine, that I plan on achieving some day. They come in different collors and run from about $400 up depending on the store. The Hiller is the perfect huge carry-all bag! My favourtite feature is that all of them have a short and a long handle, very handy!



Bag Lust




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