Day: August 15, 2011

I got gadgets and gizmos a plenty!

Have you ever felt like you have everything and still there is something missing. I was talking with one of my incredibly witty friends tonight and explaining how I feel, and that it is so bizarre.  Her words were  “You feel like the little mermaid or Belle. I want adventure in the great wide somewhere…or look at this stuff, isn’t it neat, wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?? I’m a girl,a girl who has everything??”
So here is a song, and a post for all the people who should be happy and satisfied, but there is always something out there, something more, something to reach for, even if you don’t know exactly what it is. Perhaps it is a new thing for our generation; a quarter-life crisis for people who have seen, tasted and experienced more in the first twenty-something years of their life.

Daily Bag Obsession: PS1

 PS1 is my ultimate obsession these days. And by ultimate obsession I have the definition that it is something that if it comes deliver to my door tomorrow, I will cry with joy. There are few things in the world that actually have that power.  I am pretty sure the PS1 is one of them, though. It is the perfect bag, simple, classy, spacious and comes in every color possible!!! The rich royal blue is so fab for fall.