Month: November 2011

Marni and H&M in Spring 2012

H&M announced a new collaboration with the fashion brand Marni for their SS 2012  season.

To be honest I am not very familiar with the Marni brand, so this is a great chance to learn something new and probably add a new name to my list of faves that I dream of.

Another new thing for me is the model– Aymeline Valade. I was watching FashionTV the other night and she was on TV as the First Face winner for Spring/Summer 2012. She will be the  model for Marni’s new H&M collection. So there you go two in one – model and a fashion brand added to the greatly growing fashion knowledge that I am trying to inquire through this blog.

In conclusion I am hoping, dreaming and believing that this collaboration will be much, much, much better than what currently is in the H&M stores.

Die for Chanel









The Coveteur is one of my favourite reads. A daily inspiration source. And of course a site full of amazing lust-worthy fashion items.

The latest post is all about Chanel! And to be more specific RARE CHANEL pieces. So teary eyed, and gasping at every image, I am sharing my favourites with you. Be sure to check the post on the Coveteur  for the rest of die-worthy pieces. Pure amazingness, that can only Chanel create!

“The Tale of a Fairy” by Karl Lagerfeld

All I Want for Christmas Part 3: Chanel

I am a book lover, and when it comes to christmas list, there is nothing better than receiving books. Especially amazingly pretty books about Chanel!

Presented in the label’s signature quilted leather and adorned with the famous double ‘C’, François Baudot and François Aveline’s ‘Chanel Luxe’ trilogy is the ultimate collector’s item for lovers of the iconic French fashion house. With three books exploring Fine Jewelry, Perfume and Coco herself, these wonderful volumes are a testament to the incomparable achievements and history of the brand. This wonderful book can be purchased, for the mere €560 at Net-A-Porter.

So here we go again Santa.

Sexy, Shocking, Seductive

Absolutely love the short look book type videos lately. (remember the Alexander Wang from last week?) This week I am loving Biran Atwood Sexy, Shocking, Seductive video promo for the resort collection. It is very very cool and sexy. Reminds me of a music video more than a shoe ad. Rock on!

Mirror, Mirror

I feel like I have been living in a little bubble and not being exposed to all the amazing cool new movies that are coming out. So quite obvious I have been so away from the hype of everything that is upcoming and cool and hence my amazement with the new Julia Roberts movie based on the Snow White story. I watched the trailer tonight for the first time and I am in awe!!

Oh the dresses, the actors, the fashion, the funny lines and did I mention the dresses? Definitely a must see!!! It is probably not going to be the brightest or funniest of movies, but definitely looks like something magnificently visually stimulating. And sometimes this is all a gal needs, a fairy tale and gorgeous fashion.

John Lewis Rocks the Christmas Season Yet Again

The new John Lewis ad is out and it is just so sweet and easy to relate to. We all remember the times when we were waiting for that big Christmas morning every single year and we just couldn’t be more excited, but this little guy is waiting anxiously not for the reasons we were waiting. The end is an “awwwwww” moment, and that is always amazing when we talk about ads. The song   by The Smiths’ “Please, Please, Please” is creating even further the innocence and purity of the mood. Great job to the agency Adam & Eve.

Of course we have to remember and last year’s ad, because it is just as strong. Great job John Lewis, always playing on the emotional strings!

Beauty from Tumblr: Style Focus on Shabby Chic


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On the Move Again: Kitchen from Anthropologie

I am moving again to a new flat, and as with every move I am overwhelmed with decorating the new place, choosing the right accessories and of course making it as homey and me as possible. In order to begin the whole process, there is always a room to start from and this time it is the kitchen! I was looking for some ideas on the Anthropologie site (my obsession with the brand is widely manifested) and found some of the coolest accessories for the so coveted kitchen. I love the vintage feel of most of them and that they are kitschy but in a very cool and stylish way.












Verdant Canister and Bread Bin



Castle key bottle opener


Milk Bottle Measuring Cups



Dining room measuring spoons

Fine dining place mats


Lacy Chic

Lacy Chic