Seize the Moment with Montblanc

I am not a fan of online competitions, and rarely have the desire to participate, especially if it will take longer than a second and a click. However today I came across Montblanc’s new campaign ‘The Beauty of a Second” and actually it struck me as something I would not mind participating, simply because it has a greater meaning than just shoot something and submit it.

Montblanc is paying homage to the chronograph and Nicolas Rieussecwho 190 years ago recorded time to an accuracy of a fifth second for the first time. Along with the  film director Wim Wenders, Montblanc is challenging people to seek the beauty in every moment and record a second long video and submit it.  “The Beauty of a Second” short-film contest is gathering great moments that are speaking volumes, some longer some not that long.

It is interesting to see how a timepiece company gets beyond just showing the time, and reaches the realm of actually appreciating the moments. It is more emotional and of course can play on the strings of more people than just those who can afford a Montblanc watch. I strongly suggest watching the videos, because some of them are great! And of course is just takes a second…


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