Day: December 24, 2011

Uncle Karl for Christmas! Yay!

Remember how excited I was about the Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s and the white tank with the portrait of the Kaiser (below). But due to geographical restrictions and the lack of my favourite Macy’s in Bulgaria (and no shipping of the collection abroad) there was a very very very slim chance that I will ever own the cool piece. But… it is Christmas and all wishes come true (due to wonderful friends)!

Thanks to one of my bestest friends now I am a proud owner of the coveted tank! Seriously, best Christmas gift ever! Thank you Jill! You rock my world!!!

 And to not leave it just at the tank, and keep the tradition of giving me bags with famous people’s faces the addition to the gift is this crazy Karl bag…

 So as I am not a vanity blogger and don’t really post outfits of myself, I think there will be an exception when I wear this tank.. although right now I am considering just framing it and putting it on my wall :))

Happy stylish holidays to all!