Ever wondered what the ideal woman will look like?!

Well now we know. Feelunique.com created the ideal image from the opinions of 9,350 shoppers, who shared their most admired parts of celebrities. The verdict is someone who looks like Kim Kardashian, only with fuller Jolly lips.

What do you think?

Hot or not?



  1. Not. Looking a lot like every other pretty girl appearence isn’t really something i’d want… we are all unique, and thats how it should be. I don’t even know why money was wasted on figuring this out…

    1. Cheryl Cole has the sexiest eyes in the world. Green eyes and blue eyes are dull, but can be sexy if it’s the right color and shade. But the big brown eyes reflects light, innocence and pureness like no other.. yet it can be sexy. Unfortunate blue and green eyes can ONLY be sexy, mysterious and wanted :/ Some brown eyes though (in typical west asia and west africa) can be really ugly, lifeless and small. I have green eyes myself. extremely dull. To each their own though, beauty can’t be defined.

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