Month: March 2013

DIY Necklace 2


I am very proud to present my second DIY project – chain, beads and ribbon necklace. It is very easy and let’s you improvise so that you make you your own.

What do you need

1. Beads (lots of beads)

2. Cord

3. Chain, about 75 cm.

4. Ribbon, black, thin cloth ribbon, or any you like.

What do you do:

1. String all the beads on the cord. This is the most tedious and time consuming of the whole process. In the end I spend weeks on end to get my about 6-7 meters string of beads.

2. Get the long string, fold it two or three times and twist it around on itself.

3. Connect the two ends of the chain, so that you get a circle big enough to go through your head. And then start putting the beads between the links of the chain. Twist and turn until you get the necklace as thick and chunky you would like it to be.

4. Get the piece of ribbon and twist it around the beads and chain, put the ribbon in the chain links or do whatever you would like to make the necklace your own.

Voila! This is it! 🙂


Вторият ми DIY проект е готов. Колие с мъниста  панделка и верига. Много лесно и ви дава възможност да импровизирате. Какво ви трябва

1. Пликче мъниста

2. Корда.

3. 75 см верига

4. 2 метра тънка черна прозрачна платнена панделка

Какво правим:

1. Нижем мънистата на кордата (това е най-времеотнемащото и пипкаво действие от целия процес, отне ми много много време да си нанижа цялото пликче мъниста.) В крайна сметка колкото повече, толкова повече, но аз имах около 6-7 метра наниз.

2. Увиваме наниза мъниста на 2-3 ката.

3. Взимаме веригата и в правим на затворен кръг, толкова дълъг, колкото ни харесва и нанизваме мънистата между отделните кръгчета на веригата, докато не получите желаната дебелина на колието.

4. Взимате панделката и също вмъквате в отделните кръгчета на веригата, между мънистата. Тук вече може да импровизирате, увивате, подпъхвате, оставите да виси насам натам, завържете на панделки… абе както ви харесва.

Voila! Това е 🙂

BRIAN LICHTENBERG: The Bloggers Favourite



Brian Lichtenberg‘s tees, sweatshirts and hats have been all over the blogosphere. The subtle, or not so subtle play with logotypes and brand names of some of the most popular fashion luxury brands makes these cult likables. BRIAN LICHTENBERG Ballin BRIAN LICHTENBERG Feline BRIAN LICHTENBERG Homies

Crush of the day: Michael Kors Ritz Horn Watch

Crush of the day:



Inside Chanel: The Jacket

Another great fashion history video. The Chanel jacket is a classic, a statement, a piece of art. Here is a bit of its rich history based on the innovative views and futuristic outlook of Mademoiselle Chanel.



Homeware crush: Keith Brymer Jones

My first encounter with Keith Brymer Jones was this winter when I was looking for a gift for one of my bestest friends. Found the perfect gift, a simple white apron with red lettering “Goddess” on it.

kbj goddess

After that I kept crushing on the wonderful simplicity and distinctiveness of all the homeware pieces I kept of seeing everywhere. Basically if I could my whole kitchen would be filled with the gorgeous ceramic pieces.

keith-brymer-jones 2

They are classic, but with a note of fun and joy in them. It is such a simple idea to put lettering on everything, but keep it simple, and add just a sprinkle of humor in it.

egg-cup-set-by-keith-brymer-jones keith-brymer-jones 1

And talking about humor I hope this video will make you smile. 🙂

Inside Chanel: Chanel N5

For all of us the history of fashion buffs Chanel created a series of videos letting us deep into the curious facts revealing the brand.

The first one I am going to share is about the fabulous Chanel N5 fragrance.

OMG Shoes! Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2013

These shoes are so much fun! They are like little gems that make you smile and warm your soul up!

The full collection at

OMG Shoes! Gio Diev Spring Summer 2013

Gio Diev is rocking crazy shapes and edgy style. Definitely unique.

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