Month: July 2013

Advertising update: Lanvin’ Many Faces

There is nothing better than a gorgeous fashion advert to make your day. It is interesting to see the many faces of fashion, and how creativity can make an ad campaign catchy. Lanvin is one of the best in advertising their creations. The new campaign is a bit psychotic but lots of fun, playing on the notions of love, cool and the pronunciation of the french brand. It cracks me up when the tattooed guys say “A lot of my english friends say Lanvin” (pronounced Lahnven). It needs balls to be able to make fun of yourself and not take it that seriously, especially when you a high fashion brand.

And of course they have a lady with a goose and guy with a rabbit in the video. What fashion video ad can go without a goose I am asking you 🙂

lanvin rabbit lanvin goose

The description of the video is:

“One woman can have many faces.
Edie Campbell explored six sides of her imaginary self, portraying the diversity of the Lanvin woman.”
“A self Portrait. Six different men with diverse points of view, expressing the diversity of the Lanvin man.
Talking about the meaning of love, uncool versus cool and what makes Lanvin what it is.”

Film by Steven Meisel

❤ Pet

On Trend: Happy Socks

I was inspired a week ago by one of my coleagues who always had matching socks to the outit. And here we are not talking dark gray or navy socks, we are talking fun, colorful, wonderful, happy socks. Actually there is even a brand –

Here is what I am talking about, as I searched on the internet and there are several very cool examples of gorge guys with happy socks.

match socks 1matching socks

Even for girls it looks very cools with heels. After all I am fan of being different and that trend is definitely different and cool.

socks dries-van-noten socks-and-sandals

So here are some of the best happy socks. I am having a little crush on the candy-colored ones, but have to think of different ways to pull them off.

happy socks 1  happy socks 2 happy socks 3    happy socks 4 happy easter 6 happy socks 5

Advertising update: Cara in NY for DKNY Fall 2013


 Cara Delevingne, the it-girl of fashion is back this Fall for the new DKNY campaign. She is partnering with model Ollie Edwards, and special guest, NYC-based street artist, Curtis Kulig. All three were shot on location in various parts of New York City by renowned fashion photographer Mikael Jansson.

Dior Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Accessories


Shoes:6 shoes 5 gloves shoes


4 gloves 3 gloves 2 gloves 1 gloves

Absolutely love that gloves are taking essential part in the collection for Fall/Winter 2013. It is one of the accessories that is completely underrated, but is so fantastic, posh and elegant that we should pay a bit more attention to is.

Saying this, I was just drooling  over a pair of black mesh gloves in my mom’s closet this weekend. For all of us who cannot afford Dior Haute Couture, there are always mothers’ closets and fab vintage stores to indulge our fashion fantasies. 


Страхотно е, че ръкавиците вземат централна роля в тази колекция за Есен/Зима 2013. Ръкавиците са един от тези аксесоари, които са много елегантни, шик и добавят класа на всеки аутфит, но за жалост напоследък не са много популярни. Тази колекция определено ги налага като тенденция. 

Пишейки това, се сещам, че точно този уикенд се възнасях по едни прекрасни черни мрежести ръкавици, от баба ми, които намерих в гардероба на мама. За всички нас, които нямаме възможност за Dior Haute Couture, винаги имаме гардеробите на майките ни или фантастичните винтидж магазини, за да задоволяваме и най-претенциозните си модни искания. 



Be More Dog

I absolutely love ads that are funny and meaningful. The O2 campaign that just launched this month is just that, very original and fun. Think about it… we should all me more dog, because life is exciting, and great, and there is always something that is worth being positive and loving.