Month: October 2013

Funny and oh so true!


Rihanna for River Island: Flop or Not



river island rihanna collection

Rihanna’s Collection for River Island is on and good to go! Ready for pre-order now, so we can see all the pieces that the songstress designed with the high street retailer. In all the ads and photo shoots with RiRi it looks quite luxurious. But when you go and actually browse through the pieces there is nothing that is quite that amazing, except maybe the tuxedo dress. Everything else is cropped tanks, pencil skirts and weird patterns and textures, including a faux fur trapper hat. (Seriously!?!) Rihanna has some crazy style and it looks great on her, it is just not my cup of tea when it comes to filling up my wardrobe, I guess. But then I am curious whether it is not going to go on sale pretty soon, just like the Kardashian Collection for Dorothy Perkins did. After all having a great style does not really mean that you can design clothes. Especially great looking, wearable clothes.  c20132210-rihanna-winter-aso-650

This is the one pretty great piece:

river island rihanna collection 1 river island rihanna collection 2

Rihanna and Damien Hirst for the 25th Anniversary Assue of British GQ






What do you think- hot or not?

Damien Hirst does some weird and crazy art pieces, but with the queen of crazy weird fashion Rihanna, they are teaming up to create a naked Medusa-like-snake-licking-long -legged- fashion cover girl. I am kinda weirdly infatuated with this photo session, although it is a bit creepy, just like with all Damien Hirst art. It is quite Haloween-y, suitable for the out date of the 31october.

All photos are from GQ at

Testing testing: Anew Clinical E-Defence


The other day I got another fab surprise from Avon- the new Anew Clinical E-Defence. It is the new daily lotion and protector with SPF 30, very good for the winter sun.

Home Aroma, the Natural Way

Last weekend we almost completed the renovations at home (pics to come soon) and I needed to refresh it mad make everything smell like a home and not like a new building, so somewhere in the wide world of pinkest I found the best thing to do! Instead of buying artificial scents like ambi pour, febreeze or whatever fake smells there are I decided to go in the more natural way.
The recipe I used, but somehow recreated is super simple.
All you need is 2 lemons, rosemary, and salvia. ( I have big pots on my balcony of the herbs so I was pretty generous with them)
All you do is put the ingredients in a pot and boil them letting the scent in all the rooms. It is so fresh and great! No chemistry at all, just garden herbs.




Isabel Marant pour H&M – Party of the year

So you wish you were there… me too. 🙂

New pretty thing

The other day I woke up with the urge to go to Магазин Ключ and get me something pretty. And not just something, I wanted a rough long necklace to pair up with blazers and sneakers. So as always the wonderful lady in the store completely took me into a whirlpool of amazing handmade prettiness, but as I was a tight budget some of the things fell out of the choice pool, but then I saw it… I’m in love with the roughness, simplicity and edge of my new necklace. Sad but true I cannot remember the name of the artist, but I am definitely going to ask again. So here is the pretty, if you haven’t been to Магазин Ключ, it is in Sofia on Karnigradska and Tsar Asen streets.

Миналия ден се събудих с огромното желание да отида е Магазин Ключ и да си купя нещо ново, прекрасно и леко грубо, което да отива на сако, дънки и кецове. Както винаги в малкото магазинче супер любезната дама ме зари с предложения, кое от кое по-чудесни. Тъй като бях на бюджет, някои от предложенията отпаднаха автоматично, но тогава видях чудесното ми герданче, което крещеше името ми. Дълго, грубовато, но простичко ръчно изработено и точно това, което исках. Много ми е тъжно, че не запомних името на автора но ще попитам следващия път като съм в Ключ. А ако вие ме сте ходили, горещо го препоръчвам! Намира се в София на ул Кърниградска и Цар Асен.

Foodgraph Wisdom: Know your nuts


My First Hummus

I have been thinking of making amazing hummus for long time, but to be honest have been afraid to experiment because it always seemed so complicated. So after some good research I found a video recipe that describes it step by step. ( Long live vloggers!)
The video by InpiredTaste that inspired me is here:

So after I watched it about 3 times I got out
2 table spoonfuls of tahini
1 cup boiled soft chickpeas ( I prefer to use dried, then soaked and boiled chickpeas instead of the canned kind)
Lemon juice to taste
Olive oil
Salt and cumin
A tad bit of water

I followed precisely the instructions in the video – first put in the food processor the tahini and lemon juice. Stirred the hell out of it. Then added the chickpeas and kept on blending. To be honest, I think I did not boil the chickpeas quite well, so they could not blend and become smooth like in a store-bought hummus. Then added the olive oil, salt, and salt and cumin. The mix was uber hard and kinda weird looking so I added a bit of water for it to soften down, and the magic happened. My hummus was De-li-cious!!! Will definitely try again and strive for the perfect smoothness, but then again for a first try it looks and tastes very good.