My First Hummus

I have been thinking of making amazing hummus for long time, but to be honest have been afraid to experiment because it always seemed so complicated. So after some good research I found a video recipe that describes it step by step. ( Long live vloggers!)
The video by InpiredTaste that inspired me is here:

So after I watched it about 3 times I got out
2 table spoonfuls of tahini
1 cup boiled soft chickpeas ( I prefer to use dried, then soaked and boiled chickpeas instead of the canned kind)
Lemon juice to taste
Olive oil
Salt and cumin
A tad bit of water

I followed precisely the instructions in the video – first put in the food processor the tahini and lemon juice. Stirred the hell out of it. Then added the chickpeas and kept on blending. To be honest, I think I did not boil the chickpeas quite well, so they could not blend and become smooth like in a store-bought hummus. Then added the olive oil, salt, and salt and cumin. The mix was uber hard and kinda weird looking so I added a bit of water for it to soften down, and the magic happened. My hummus was De-li-cious!!! Will definitely try again and strive for the perfect smoothness, but then again for a first try it looks and tastes very good.



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