Cloud Atlas

Най-готиния филм, който съм гледала напоследък. Гледах го два пъти на кино, нещо, което до сега не ми се беше случвало. Филм от ранга на Матрицата, който те отвежда в други светове и те кара да се замислиш за простичките, но така сложни неща, като любов, свобода, карма, човешки връзки и естествено за света, в който живеем. Определено трябва да се гледа. Поне веднъж.


The most amazing movie I gave seen this year.  I actually saw it twice in theater, something that has never happened. The movie is just like the Matrix, makes you transform you mind, to contemplate the simple complicate things like the life, love, karma, freedom and the world we live in. Definitely a must see. At least once!

Let’s get our nerd on!

There is about a year until this masterpiece hits the screens and I shall be waiting patiently until then. But seriously, how amazing does this movie look! The Hobbit will be the hit of the next Christmas season for sure!


Being in a timezone 7 hours ahead of EST makes me feel so behind on all the TV goodness that happens during the week… so a little belated but Gwyneth on Glee on Tuesday was pretty great!Here is the end- Singing in the rain + Umbrella mashup. ❤ Glee!