Бях поканена на откриването на нов прекрасен малък магазин с фаталното име Marlene. И тъй като аз съм, може би, най-големият фен на шарени и цветни рокли за лятото, нямаше как да не споделя някои от страхотни попадения в Marlene. Има всякакви от скуптурирани до по-неглиже, от ярки до нежни нюанси и watercolor prints. Най-хубавото е, че всяка седмица има нови модели, цените са достъпни и размери има от най-малък до най-голям. Със сигурност трябва да се отбиете ако сте колко ул. Славянска в София. Приятно пазаруване! (защото знам, че ще си харесате нещо)!

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❤ Pet

Aldo: In Sofia Already!

So guess who also came to town quietly this weekend?!? Aldo! The Canadian shoe retailer landed in our capital this weekend, and unlike another very glamorous and talked-about event gathered almost no attention. The three billboards around downtown were the only attention-catching medium. Almost no press, no noise, no big massive opening, no blogers invited? Dear Aldo peeps, work on your PR folks, change of staff, perhaps?! Definitely wrong timing though, but still… Aldo is in Sofia. Fact.

Anyways, my excitement is not exactly flying off the rooftop, but still can’t wait to check the store out in the next couple of days. Hope the prices are descent, because the shoes are pretty cute. I am curious how the store will be positioned, because in the US/UK it is nothing very fancy or expensive. Or as they say on their site “ALDO is dedicated to bringing you both quality and cutting-edge trends at affordable prices”. We shall only see how affordable they are here. Stay tuned for the post after the Aldo-venture! 

H&M:Save the Date Store Opening in Sofia

Save the date note from H&M is in my inbox! 8th March is almost here!

So I am awaiting the invitation for the official opening of the H&M Store in Sofia, hopefully it will be here sooner than not.  🙂

According to the note: H & M is based on very simple idea: a fantastic fashion at prices that nobody can compete. And new items every day. And because everything is so simple, this idea works for more than 60 years in over 40 markets worldwide.