The State of the Blogosphere 2010

Technorati published the newest edition of their annual analysis of the State of the Blogosphere a couple of weeks ago.  To be honest there were no extreme surprises or developments for me. The most surprising and somehow unexpected part was that two-thirds of all bloggers are male. I am not trying to sound uber-feminist but – seriously?!?!?

On the other hand one of the most prominent trends of the year is the rise of mommy-bloggers. I am quite content that the analysis actually accounts for the power that this community has, and recognizes them as an up and coming trend to be paid attention to.

The other trend that is surely to be recognized is the adoption of tablets and mobile devices that enable bloggers to upload posts constantly and immediately. This definitely makes blogging more spontaneous, but in the same time shortens the content and makes it simple and to the point.

Of course Facebook and Twitter are adopted by the large majority of bloggers, and will continue to be used as platforms for sharing and promoting blogs.

Key Findings:

–          Mobile blogging in definitely on the rise.

–          Great influence of women and mom bloggers on the blogosphere, mainstream media, and brands.

–          40% of poeple agree with bloggers’ views, and their trust in mainstream media is dropping.

–          Professionals have an average of 3.5 blogs.

–          11% say blogging is their primary income source.

–          Only 3% of respondents overall report updating their blog five or more times a day.

–          Many Part Timers (49%) and Self Employed bloggers (62%) say they are blogging more because it has proven to be valuable for promoting their business.

–          42% of respondents say they blog about brands they love or hate, while 34% say they never talk about brands on their blog.

–          64% of respondents believe that brand representatives treat bloggers less professionally than they treat traditional media.

–          63% of respondents agree that they have become more involved with their passion areas as a result of blogging.

–          74% of all respondents describe their blogging style as “sincere,” and 64% describe their style as conversational.

–          78% of bloggers surveyed are using Twitter.

–           9 out of 10 (87%) bloggers surveyed use Facebook.

–          49% reported using a free third-party hosting service.

27% of Self-Employed bloggers said that blogging has had the greatest impact on business.


This is just a short snippit with some of the most interesting findings, I strongly suggest browsing through all the segments of the study…


Day 1: WHO: Bloggers, Brands and Consumers

Day 2: WHAT: Topics and Trends

Day 3: HOW: Technology, Traffic and Revenue

The World As We Know It…

… is always changing, especially if we are talking about the social media world.

The genius comic xkcd published a new improved map of the online communities world last week, and I have been meaning to share it here for a while, but I guess was distracted by pretty shoes… oops!

Online Communities 2

You should definitely click on the link and explore this masterpiece of topographic genius in a close up, as it is truly hilarious. I spent quite some time feeling like an adventurous explorer in this familiar yet unknown land of social media places of interest.

And after having felt like a tourist in my hometown I completed the exploration and thought… I have seen that, but not quite that… wait a minute… and after few clicks there it was…

The previous topographic masterpiece from like 3 years ago (yeah, you guessed it I have been an avid xkcd fan for quite some time). This is the map that was published quite some time ago…

Online Communities Original

The fascinating thing is how much our world has changed for like 3 years… communities have shifted, new countries have emerged, the great exodus from myspace to facebook has been completed, some parts of the social media land have sunk into the ocean of nonexistence… the map now is significantly different from the map 3 years ago.

And I got to thinking what is there to come? What is going to be the topography of 2013? That is what makes me happy with social media is that we don’t really know, because the next facebook might come up tomorrow (and yes I use facebook as a metaphor for “the next big thing”, how cute is that?) But whatever comes up, it will be an exciting adventure to explore it too…