Dior Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Accessories


Shoes:6 shoes 5 gloves shoes


4 gloves 3 gloves 2 gloves 1 gloves

Absolutely love that gloves are taking essential part in the collection for Fall/Winter 2013. It is one of the accessories that is completely underrated, but is so fantastic, posh and elegant that we should pay a bit more attention to is.

Saying this, I was just drooling  over a pair of black mesh gloves in my mom’s closet this weekend. For all of us who cannot afford Dior Haute Couture, there are always mothers’ closets and fab vintage stores to indulge our fashion fantasies. 


Страхотно е, че ръкавиците вземат централна роля в тази колекция за Есен/Зима 2013. Ръкавиците са един от тези аксесоари, които са много елегантни, шик и добавят класа на всеки аутфит, но за жалост напоследък не са много популярни. Тази колекция определено ги налага като тенденция. 

Пишейки това, се сещам, че точно този уикенд се възнасях по едни прекрасни черни мрежести ръкавици, от баба ми, които намерих в гардероба на мама. За всички нас, които нямаме възможност за Dior Haute Couture, винаги имаме гардеробите на майките ни или фантастичните винтидж магазини, за да задоволяваме и най-претенциозните си модни искания. 



Wedding Essentials

От този уикенд вече имам най-прекрасната причина да се заглеждам по сватбени красоти  и тъй като съм луд фен на bhldn  реших, че ще споделя някои от нещата  им, които много ми харесват. Всички тези малки детайли създават една прекрасна атмосфера, а и остават за спомен завинаги.


As of this weekend I have the best reason to look at wedding stuff, and as I am a huge  bhldn fan, I decided to share of the best itmes that I am absolutely in love with. All these small details can make the wedding day atmosphere very special and wonderful, and of course to stay with the couple for the years ahead as little mementos from the big day.
i do dishes

1. I Do, Me Too Dinner Plates

Sweethearts’ Forks

2. Sweethearts’ Forks

Two Cents Coasters

3. Two Cents Coasters

Celebrate Cake Server

4. Celebrate Cake Server

Birdcage Envelope Holder5. Birdcage Envelope Holder

Homeware crush: Keith Brymer Jones

My first encounter with Keith Brymer Jones was this winter when I was looking for a gift for one of my bestest friends. Found the perfect gift, a simple white apron with red lettering “Goddess” on it.

kbj goddess

After that I kept crushing on the wonderful simplicity and distinctiveness of all the homeware pieces I kept of seeing everywhere. Basically if I could my whole kitchen would be filled with the gorgeous ceramic pieces.

keith-brymer-jones 2

They are classic, but with a note of fun and joy in them. It is such a simple idea to put lettering on everything, but keep it simple, and add just a sprinkle of humor in it.

egg-cup-set-by-keith-brymer-jones keith-brymer-jones 1

And talking about humor I hope this video will make you smile. 🙂

Love is in the Chains and Lace

I think it is obvious I love black lace, and I have actually written about it before, so I have to share a recent piece of discovery that I am super excited about and can’t wait to put my hands on it. I will start from further away… I am a keen reader of and Ivelina always has the coolest pieces from Ash Jewelry. To be honest I thought it was some international brand I have never heard of, and I did some searching. It turns out Ash Jewelry is the brand created by a young Bulgarian girl – Anna Stankova, who designs and created the beautiful pieces herself. I browsed a bit and fell in love when I saw the Cursed Lace Necklace (above) fromThe Evil Queen Collection.  How about that 🙂 Absolutely a must have piece, especially for the upcoming winter season.


Доста очевидно е, че обичам черна дантела, а и съм писала за това :). Та да започна малко от по-отдалеч за каквото ще пиша. Много съм фен на и често виждам Ивелина с много красиви неща с таг Ash Jewelry, ако трябва да съм честна не познавах марката и си мислех, че е някаква чуждестранна марка, за която просто не бях чувала. Порових се днес малко и се оказа, че Ash Jewelry всъщност е създадена от българка –  Ана Станкова, която сътворява прекрасни аксесоари. разглеждайки сайта и блога се натъкнах на Cursed Lace Necklace (на снимката) от The Evil Queen Collection. Не е ли някак си точно 🙂 Нямам търпение да го получа, защото е точно за идващия зимен сезон.

Officially in Love!

This week I got invited to the VIP shopping event of the season! The pre-opening party of the first  H&M Store in Sofia, Bulgaria at The Mall. The shopping experience was incredible! (partly because of the champagne, partly because of the great clothes, partly because I got to see, touch, try on and buy some of the Marni for H&M pieces). And so I fell in love, the kind of love that happens rarely, with something so beautiful that I want to wear it even when I sleep. The Marni for H&M Flower Necklace took my breath aways and was an immediate purchase. Honestly it looks better in real life, than in pictures, but look at that beauty…So stay tuned for some more posts and photos from the opening. It was a night to remember!

Daily Salivation: Missoni for Target



Missoni is designing a whole collection for Target. And when I say a whole collection I mean – everything! Clothes,accessories, mensware, kids clothes, shoes, home, stationery, even a bike! So if there is a single reason for me to want to be back in the USof A, escpecially in september will be to browse in Target for the all the zigzagged awesomeness!

The collection (or 88 pieces of it) can be seen on the Target Style Facebook fanpage.

It is all very colorful, zigzagged and fun. A lot of it is too tacky for my taste, especially the clothing, but there are rainboots, an amazing coat and fab home-pieces that I am in picture-love with! Hopefully the quality is as good as it gets, and not like the Mulberry collection for Target, which was pretty plastic. So I will just salivate in waiting for the collection to come out and wish there were Targets at the other side of the ocean. You reading this Target? Think about it 🙂

Hats! Hats! Hats!

I love streetstyle blogs! They are such an inspiration and a window to the world. Lately I have been noticing a trend for the summer… It is all about the hat. Simple. Straw. Fedora. Cloth. Fab! They are such a great accessory for all ladies who can pull it off, and don’t let the hat take over. I am starting to contemplate my next purchase now…









The Sartorialist


Sofia street style


My amazingly favourite fashion brand Anthropologie is opening its first Accessories Store! And it is nowhere else but in the DC area – Chevy Chase, Md. The coveted date is October 29th!

It was announced officially  yesterday on WWD by Wendy Wurtzburger who said:  “It will be the equivalent of going down the rabbit hole and finding a magical world with more of what she loves”!… and I definitely am ready to jump into it in two weeks.

The store is going to carry shoes, jewelry, scarves, belts and many other little gorgeous things that bring happiness to one’s existence.  So let’s cross fingers that it is going to be as amazingly Anthro as it sounds, and keep tight for a week and a half until it opens. Can’t wait!!!