Advertising update: Lanvin’ Many Faces

There is nothing better than a gorgeous fashion advert to make your day. It is interesting to see the many faces of fashion, and how creativity can make an ad campaign catchy. Lanvin is one of the best in advertising their creations. The new campaign is a bit psychotic but lots of fun, playing on the notions of love, cool and the pronunciation of the french brand. It cracks me up when the tattooed guys say “A lot of my english friends say Lanvin” (pronounced Lahnven). It needs balls to be able to make fun of yourself and not take it that seriously, especially when you a high fashion brand.

And of course they have a lady with a goose and guy with a rabbit in the video. What fashion video ad can go without a goose I am asking you 🙂

lanvin rabbit lanvin goose

The description of the video is:

“One woman can have many faces.
Edie Campbell explored six sides of her imaginary self, portraying the diversity of the Lanvin woman.”
“A self Portrait. Six different men with diverse points of view, expressing the diversity of the Lanvin man.
Talking about the meaning of love, uncool versus cool and what makes Lanvin what it is.”

Film by Steven Meisel

❤ Pet

Jason Wu for TARGET Ads are Out.

You know how excited I was about Jason Wu for Target’s announcement.

Now the ads are out on Target’s Website and I am even more ecstatic. It looks fabulously girly and cute, with a bit of mischief and spunk only to not be boring.

Three words: Need. Want. All of it.

Sweet Magnum Ads

Remember the Pleasure Hunt? The super duper cool chasing around the internet game, just to find an icecream with chocolate deliciousness? Yeah… So Magnum are in for the social media/fashion/being cool game, and their campaign has reached a high that only few other brands can brag about. Uncle Karl!

Yep Karl Lagerfeld is in the Magnum house, and have created three short films, staring Rachel Bilson. All of them are a bit bizarre in their own Lagerfeld way. There is a model, a ballerina and an artist in the three videos, and of course they all eat ice cream and of course it makes everything better. Check them out on Magnum Icecream, to see whether you will crave some sweet icy chocolate delciousness after that, because indeed the ads are working. The whole idea – indulge in the things that makes you happy. What is more positive than that.

Of course wit