The art of beautiful advertising

For a long time I haven’t shared fashion ads that impress me, and curiously two of the best ad campaigns for Fall 2014 feature my fave model – Karlie Kloss. The two ad campaigns are very different.


От доста време не съм писала за модни реклами, които са ме впечатлили. Интересното е, че две от кампаниите за Есен 2014, които имат страхотни реклами са с Карли Клос. Двете реклами са много различни.

Chanel Coco Noir is dark and mysterious.  I like how simple it is. I have yet to smell the Chanel Coco Noir scent, but if it is as feminine and seductive as the ad I will love it.


Coco Noir на Chanel е мистериозна и тъмна. Много ми харесва, колко проста и семпла е самта визия. Нямам си на идея как ухае парфюмът, но ако е толкова женствен и съблазнителен, колкото са рекламите му, със сигурност ще ми харесa.



 Donna Karan ads are full of glamour, movement and sparkle. Shot by Stephen Spielberg they are like stills from a movie. Black and feminine again, which I love dearly.


Рекламата на Donna Karan е много жива, пълна с движение и блясък. В нея няма нищо семпло. Клипът и кампанията са снимани от  Stephen Spielberg и визиите са като снимки от самото видео. Отново черно и женствено, което много ми харесва.

donnakaranfw14campaign4 donnakaranfw14campaign2 donnakaranfw14campaign3

Here is the video ad.What do you think? Do you like it?

Какво ще кажете? Коя кампания предпочитате?

===Love yourself===

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JC Penney aka jcp with Ellen

JC Penney is rebranding and the changes are being announced as we speak. After a bit of a battle about choosing Ellen as their spokesperson, that was undoubtedly won by Ms. Degeneres , the new TVCs are out, and oh yeah.. are they hilarious! Ellen was definitely a wonderful person to choose as the face of such a massive campaign, as she brings that hint of fun easygoingness that JC Penney or jcp lacked. Enjoy my two favourite ads of the “Has it always been this way?” series

Mila Kunis The New Face for Miss Dior


Mila is gorgeous. Dior is simply fabulous. The photos exude grace and elegance. What more can you ask for in an ad campaign? Loves it!

Photos from Dior facebook 

Disastrous- Schweppes and Uma

So you’ve seen it. And I have only three things to ask-

Who the f@ck think of this ad or even better what was the agency thinking?!

How did Schweppes in their right mind approve it?

Andy why did Uma agree to participate in this thing, after she read the copy?!

And I ain’t kidding! These three questions completely sum up my disbelief… oh and not even going to mention the styling.. why? of why?

Ralph Lauren in 4D

Ralph Lauren celebrates the 10th year anniversary of their digital presence by creating and incredible display of  imagery, sounds and a scent of perfume… The ad or should I say performances are played on the facades of the RL stores in London (Bond Street) and New York (Madison Avenue).

Quite impressive!

And this is the full video of this fusion of art, technology and fashion.