Coco Rocha for Longchamp

Coco Rocha is sensational for the new spring/summer 2012 campaign for Longchamp. I love that the whole urban summer topic is a continuous trend this season. (remember  Karlie Kloss for Free People campaign?) Absolutely love the idea behind the video above, it is so happy and lighthearted. The photos for the campaign are also fabulous. The grace and poise in Coco’s posing are perhaps not the most present elements, but there is a great sense of humour and more than one wink in the photos. Just gotta love it!



AMAZING: Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2012 RTW Ads

It is so wonderful to see ads that can be hung in a gallery somewhere as works of art! Uncle Karl definitely proves to be an amazing photographer!

The only thing that comes to mind after seeing the great shots in admiration and awe is… poor models! This is what Tyra call modeling H-to-T. It is all so effortlessly beautiful, that I can’t believe Joan Smalls and Saskia de Brauw are such great acrobats.     Photos FGR

John Lewis Rocks the Christmas Season Yet Again

The new John Lewis ad is out and it is just so sweet and easy to relate to. We all remember the times when we were waiting for that big Christmas morning every single year and we just couldn’t be more excited, but this little guy is waiting anxiously not for the reasons we were waiting. The end is an “awwwwww” moment, and that is always amazing when we talk about ads. The song   by The Smiths’ “Please, Please, Please” is creating even further the innocence and purity of the mood. Great job to the agency Adam & Eve.

Of course we have to remember and last year’s ad, because it is just as strong. Great job John Lewis, always playing on the emotional strings!

Hot or Not?

George Clooney is in a bank ad, these days, promoting savings. The story is a bt awkward and definitely unrealistic. Perhaps that’s the point. But seriously… not funny, not that cute, and definitely not making me save more. There is a buzz around,  that he said he will never ever marry again, so he agreed to this ad for shits and giggles.

It reminds me of the Uma Thruman Schweppes ad, that is basically the same – a blah featuring a celeb. Having famous people definitely works wonders for the virality of the ads, but the creatives should put some more creativity in the story and the copy. I have always wondered how you go and pitch that script to the celebs….

MANGO’s “The Great Escape”

The fashion movies are on! After Karl Lagerfeld and Magnum Ice cream, now a fashion label is creating a mini movie.

Kate Moss & Terry Richardson tear through the streets of Paris in a new Mango ad.

To be honest, I kind of don’t get it. Yes, Kate Moss tries on some pretty MANGO clothes in that van… but  so what? The bigger question in my head though is why Kate Moss?! Since when is she the face of MANGO? What happened to Penelope?

Sweet Magnum Ads

Remember the Pleasure Hunt? The super duper cool chasing around the internet game, just to find an icecream with chocolate deliciousness? Yeah… So Magnum are in for the social media/fashion/being cool game, and their campaign has reached a high that only few other brands can brag about. Uncle Karl!

Yep Karl Lagerfeld is in the Magnum house, and have created three short films, staring Rachel Bilson. All of them are a bit bizarre in their own Lagerfeld way. There is a model, a ballerina and an artist in the three videos, and of course they all eat ice cream and of course it makes everything better. Check them out on Magnum Icecream, to see whether you will crave some sweet icy chocolate delciousness after that, because indeed the ads are working. The whole idea – indulge in the things that makes you happy. What is more positive than that.

Of course wit

Zoe Saldana for Calvin Klein Underwear

Just saw the second ad on TV. I don’t know how I feel about it… Is it so bad that it is good? Or just bad? Or just good?

It is definitely haunting. What do you think?!

“It’s My Time” According to Benetton

Benetton has always been innovative and incredibly aesthetically pleasing with their advertising campaigns. Their newest spring/summer 2011 campaign is no exception. The campaign is called “IT’S MY TIME” and is the epitome of social media and the empowerment it provides for the Web 2.0 people.

It is the campaign where fashion meets social media.

The casting is happening online on Benetton’s casting webpage and they say that they are “looking for something different, something unconventional, something surprising, something real. It’s not just how you look but how you are.” How amazing is this? And, of course,  the pictures are phenomenal too…