The Alphabet according to Google

So the almighty Google introduced Google Instant this week, and of course the blogosphere picked up the news and opinions, experiments and predictions filled the news.

An interesting experiment was conducted by @jeffjarvis and then picked up by AdAge and many other bloggers… So I too decided to see what is up with the Google Alphabet and compare to the others…

As Google representatives stated that the algorithms for Google Instant are the same as Autocomplete, and it sorts by popularity and changes the order,  my alphabet is a bit different than the others I have seen. However I assume the results are location based, and not very personalized as I have never searched for any of the top results.

A is fo Amazon

B for Best Buy

C for Craigslist

D is for Dictionary

E for Ebay

F for facebook

G is for Gmal (of course)

H for Hotmail

I is for IKEA

J for Jet Blue

K for Kohls

L for Lowes

M is for Mapquest

N means Netflix

O is for Orbitz

P is for Pandora

Q is for Quotes

R is Rei

S Is for Sears

T for Target

U for USPS

V for Verizon

W for Weather

X  is Xbox

Y- Yourtube

Z for Zillow