And the Winner of the Red Carpet Style Award is…

Elie Saab!

One word: GORGEOUS! Everything! Every single piece!

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Awesomeness in 100 Seconds

The promo video for the opening of Westfield Stratford City in East London is more than creative! Love the “let’s go back in time” concept that shows music, dance, fashion and surroundings.

“Directed by Jake Lunt with The Viral Factory, the film was shot over 4 days in east London locations with hundreds of costume changes. The music was commissioned from Oscar nominated genius Tristin Norwell who took a simple tune and interpreted it for each decade over 100 years”, describes a blogpost on the Westfield page.

One of the highest rated comments on YouTube actually describes the outfits by second in the video- “0:07 Early 1910’s / 0:17 Late 1910’s / 0:23 1920’s / 0:32 Early 1930’s / 0:38 Late 1930’s / 0:43 1940’s / 0:45 Early 1950’s / 0:48 Late 1950’s to early 1960’s / 0:54 Late 1960’s / 0:57 1970’s / 1:02 Early 1980’s / 1:06 Early 1990’s / 1:11 Late 1990’s / 1:15Early 2000’s / 1:22 Mid 2000’s / 1:28 Late 2000’s / 1:34 Contemporary —— Keep in mind the years keep jumping back and forth, so these are approximate values. Outfits are chronological by first appearance.”

Probably the Most Ridiculous and Fun Fashion Ad of the Year

Gotta love Alber Elbaz! This is probably the most ridiculous and fun fashion ad of the year. Alber Elbaz dancing along models Karen Elson and Raquel Zimmermann is basically one of the most amazing things I have seen lately! Plus the beat of Calle Ocho and the clothes are fabulously clashing to create a hot mess, but I love it! This is what taking yourself not too seriously means, and you go Alber for that!

Google Just Made Me Cry

I am a sucker for a great ad. Always been. Always will be. So when I see a great ad,  I am able to appreciate it. But then, there are few amazing ones that just give me goosebumps or like the ones I am going to share bellow just make me tear up like a baby.

Advertising is powerful. It is one of the closest things to brainwashing there is, so to be successful in advertising, you have to play on the strings of your audience’s hearts. Google Chrome’s ads in the UK, are way beyond powerful and successful. They are simply amazing.

The main message is “the web is what you make of it”, and the 5 ads share different human stories of how different people used the web for different purposes. Chrome as the main gateway to the web, of course is in the background, but it is never showed per-say, it is the tool that all the people use to create their messages, share their views and connect with others. The people featured in the ads are Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Jamal Edwards founder of, Dan Savage founder of and a dad, who writes emails to his daughter since the day she was born. The stories are greatly cut, the soundtracks are powerful and the messages of each and every person in the ads are so touching and personal. They are chosen in such a way that a different fragment of society associates with them – the Bieber fanatics aka all teens, the monsters – different, fashionable, Gaga-lovers, the gays and all pro-gay people, of course the parents, the ambitious youngsters who strive to “make it”. Can’t think of a better defined cross section of society. Fascinating!

The ad about the dad, was the first one I saw in the blogosphere. I watched it several times, because it is so intricate in the details and messages, and every single time I got goosebumps. It is so pure and wonderful. Reminds me of a conversation that I had with one of my closest friends, who is a mother, that her son has thousands of videos and pictures, and when he grows up he will be able to see all the silly moments and all the love, and relive every breath of his childhood. Things that we as children from another generation can’t, simply because we have only a few pictures a year from birthday parties and holidays. Now with technology, you can record the life of your child and send them messages of love constantly. Don’t know whether I am too emotional and attached to my family, but the whole idea touches me deeply.

The one that actually made me cry and touched me the most was the ad with Dan Savage. I have been a fan of It Gets Better since the beginning of this cause, and I firmly believe in it. Although not gay myself, the cause for equality and the very message that “ït get’s better” is very powerful to me.  It is so real and great to see that there are people who believe in you, even if they don’t know you. Amazing! I was in the USA last year when all these innocent kids were bullied, and there we incidents because of that. I am right now living in a country where it is not accepted to be completely and openly gay, and can’t even imagine what it is to be a teenager in the society here. So the cause and messages in this ad are more than powerful and grand.

My First Paris




So, finally, I made it to Paris. After all I have heard, watched, been told, read, and so on and so on, I actually experienced it. And it is simply fabulous! My tour was way too touristic for my liking, but it included a carousel, get together with an old friend, a fantastic birthday on the Eifel Tower, meeting an acquaintance I have not seen for 7 years in the metro in Paris, randomly, and many many other moments of joy and exhaustion, exhilaration and foot-pain. Glorious few days, with even more glorious pictures! 

Note: All pictures are taken by my best friend, and I do not claim any amazing photographic skills for myself.

United State of Pop 2010 is Out!

OMG! This is a happy day! I have been waiting for this mashup since like the beginning of December 🙂

I love DJ Earworm’s mashups, they are like a little memory lane of the year past, memories in music; especially for a person like me who is a pop-addict and has a permanent soundtrack to my life that is playing constantly from my iPod.

Enjoy, hope you love it!