PLUS STYLE: A stroll around sofia

112Some Sundays the weather is fantastic, your hair looks great and your best friend has just gotten back from vacation, and all you need is a bit color, a pair of sunnies and a nice place to sit, chill and drink cocktails.  I am loving the August Sundays in Sofia, when it is quieter than normal, and you can feel comfortable walking around the city and enjoying it for what it is.


Някои недели времето е разкошно, косата ти изглежда прекрасно и най-добрият ти приятел току що се е върнал от ваканция, и всичко от което имаш нужда е малко цвят, слънчеви очила и приятно място да седнете да пиете по коктейл, или два… Обожавам Августовските недели в София, когато всичко е, някак си, по-спокойно и можеш да се разхождаш из града… и да му се наслаждаваш.





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Dress: H&M+

Shoes: H&M

Sunnies: Michael Kors Redonda

Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Scarf: Anthropologie (old)

Ring: H&M

Black Bracelets: Stradivarius

Red Bracelet: DL Jewellery 

Necklace: vintage from my mother

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The Perfect Baking Set

I haven’t salivated over Anthropologie amazingness for quite some time, and now as we are starting a huge renovation project for my kitchen, I feel the need to look for the perfect kitchenware, of course on and dream a bit. Here are the perfect baking set items – measuring spoons and cups, rolling pin and two pans- for brownies and for pie. All of the pieces are stoneware, microwave and dishwasher safe, beautifully painted and as everything Anthropologie – so fun. I love Anthro and wish we had stores like this in Bulgaria.


Не съм се захласвала по Anthropologie от доста време, а сега тъй като започваме мащабен проект за обновяването кухнята ни, абсолютно чувствам необходимост да си търся най-чудесните кухненски аксесоари и разбира се мястото за най-прекрасните кухненски нещица е . Тук споделям няколко перфектни открития от сайта – мерителни лъжички и чашки, точилка и две тави-​​за браунис и за пай. Всички неща са направени от stoneware, и спокойно могат да се ползват в микровълнова печка и съдомиялна машина, красиво изрисувани са и като всичко Anthropologie – толкова забавни. Много обичам Anthropologie и ми се иска да си го имахме и в България.

anthro Flowerpatch Measuring Cup

Flowerpatch Measuring Cup

anthro Flowerpatch Measuring Spoons

Flowerpatch Measuring Spoons

anthro Garden Sketch Measuring Cups

Garden Sketch Measuring Cups

anthro poppy ring brownie pan

Poppy Ring Brownie Pan

anthro Poppy Ring Pie Pan

Poppy Ring Pie Pan

Poppy Ring Rolling Pin

Poppy Ring Rolling Pin

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Wishlist for the Kitchen


Mind Your Manners Place Mats



Symphony Cake Plate & Dome

973509_007_bDining Room Measuring Spoons


Spotless Juicer

For the love of black lace!


Shirt and skirt – H&M, dress – anthropologie.

What is more gorgeous than black lace? Really?


Какво е по-хубаво oт черна дантела?




OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 2: Chunky Heels

After the wedges  the other day, there is one more trend with shoes for spring that makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. The chunky heel. Although sky-high, these beauties are comfy and give you that hard-core chick vibe that I so love. Can be dressed up or down, but most of all, make your legs go forever. Absolutely love the 60’s trend in chunky heels, and cannot wait for the H&M opening to get my hands on some of their new collection pieces!





 Alexander Wang

 Michael Kors

OMG Shoes for Spring! Part 1: Wedges

Spring is coming, and I am daydreaming for the time I will throw the warm winter boots away and will be able to liberate my ankles and put to use all my other wonderful shoes, sandals, flats, and all the rest that make my feet happy.

So in a hopeful browse on the web for spring trends I am so very excited that this spring there will be new heights. Throw the painful stilettos away, and dive in the world of comfy, yet gorgeous shoes. The Wedges! I am not a huge high heel wearer ( I just lust over them and buy them, but rarely put them on, because my feet and heels don’t get along too well), but I die for a good wedge! They are way more comfortable, less painful and in my opinion cooler than stilettos. Here are some of the faves, I am salivating over…







Yves Saint Laurent

On the Move Again: Kitchen from Anthropologie

I am moving again to a new flat, and as with every move I am overwhelmed with decorating the new place, choosing the right accessories and of course making it as homey and me as possible. In order to begin the whole process, there is always a room to start from and this time it is the kitchen! I was looking for some ideas on the Anthropologie site (my obsession with the brand is widely manifested) and found some of the coolest accessories for the so coveted kitchen. I love the vintage feel of most of them and that they are kitschy but in a very cool and stylish way.












Verdant Canister and Bread Bin



Castle key bottle opener


Milk Bottle Measuring Cups



Dining room measuring spoons

Fine dining place mats


Strike a Balance with Anthropologie

As I have written multiple times I am a huge Anthropologie fan!

Anthro always takes me a step further, and I pay a huge tribute to it, because working there for about a year has had a huge impact on my personal style. So I was so very happy when this morning I opened the site, and there was featured a trend that I am a sucker for – chunky knit sweaters, paired with flowy light weight skirts. It is something, just like the socks and sandals trend and polka dots, that I have evolved to love and wear.

I love the balance that the combination of heavy and light creates, and the different mixtures that one can create from them in terms of patterns and textures. So what do you think hot or not?

Things for Summer

Here are some favourites, for the summer that is approaching with the speed of light.

Absolutely love the Nathalie bathing Suit from Anthropologie! It is so classy and retro, very much a glam bombshell outfit, that covers a lot, but leaves enough for the imagination.

To keep the wonderfulness of retro-chic I can’t do without a scarf. This silk chiffon piece is more than cool!

The wedge Reef Sophie Flip Flops  are classic, comfortable and absolutely a must-have!

Sunglasses are a staple. The bigger the better! And what is better than Gucci Oversized Sunglasses? 

Of course, summer unthinkable without some good smelling skin-care – Philosophy Hope in a Jar SPF 25, is just that 🙂

And what is summer without lipgloss? Slice of Heaven has been in my purse for as long as I have had a purse, it is divine!

How can you let adventurous summer to go unrecorded? I love the little journals that Antrhopologie sells, but the Q&A a day is definitely a quirky way to chronicle your life during the hot months.

Color is all you need!

In addition to the colourful bedding I wrote about, now I am dying for colourful pillows. Having worked at Anthropologie for sometime, I acquired the flair for layering textures and patterns in a way that is just right. Being a person who loves clean lines, and wears pretty simple cuts and colors, this has changed my taste a bit. Home design is something that is very personal, and I did love it all white and clean, until i figured out that white and clean only looks good in the magazines, but when you live in it, it come at you very sterile. So I am all for color and pattern now.

Colourful pillows are the little spots of colour that bring joy in a room. They can be used in a very clean interiors as accents, or add to the joy and bright magic as layers of colour in a busier decors. I am in love pillows since forever, and think they are like the shoes of interiors a girl can never have too many!

I recommend a browse at the Anthropologie  site for home. The pillow section is amazing! I love the detailing – fringe, embroidery, and all the small things that make these pillows little works of art. My faves are these:


But then I started looking for pillow awesomeness at my favourite site for all things pretty – Etsy. I found two shops that are fantastic! Pillow ThrowDecor on Etsy is a little bit less fancy version of the Anthropologie pillows. They don’t have the detailing of the Anthro pillows, but still are beautiful!


Pillows give that extra little pizzazz to an atmosphere, that makes a home special. And to make it your own- color is all you need!