Daphne Guinness Changes in McQueen in Front of Everybody

 On the night of the Met Gala, a longed talked about performance piece took place.

Daphne Guinness   got dressed for the Gala in a Barney’s Window. Kinda sounds bizarre, weird and a bit wtf. Why would you do that? And how would you do that without the whole world seeing thing you don’t really want them to see?

Well it was quite cool I must say. The whole theatricality of Ms. Guinness’ behavour, the lighting, the clean set up was quite a show. And of course the dress itself, was a masterpiece.

So yep, weird things happen, but exactly they make life interesting and fashion unpredictable.

This is the whole 7 minutes long performance piece. Enjoy!

A Darwinian Theory of Beauty: Beauty is Deep on Our Minds

“We find beauty in something done well

An amazing animation by Andrew Park illustrating Denis Dutton’s deep exploration of beauty and appreciation of beauty.

Love TED!

Tumblr on the Rise: Welcome in the Web-land of Beauty

What is the new cool thing you will ask? Tumblr, I shall respond.

With tons of reviews and opinions buzzing in the blogosphere, sites like Business of fashion, Techcrunch and Refinery29 all published their little pieces on Tublr. So yeah, it is buzzing, so it has a factor of coolness to it, and the reason is simple. It is like an inspiration board that meets a gallery in terms of volume, meets a photographer studio in terms of soul.

I opened a Tumblr account not too long ago… to be honest I was quite skeptic about it. There was simply no point for me to have an account there, as I already had my blog, and twitter, and facebook, and linked in, and reddit, and dig, and… and… you get it. Why is there one more social networking something of some sort for me to spend time on, and pay attention to, when I already hardly unplug?

HOWEVER, I’m in absolute love with Tumblr, and to be honest after Facebook, it is the second most used app on my phone. Yes, it even beats Twitter! Why? Because it brings me beauty! It is the little place online haven of pretty where I find gorgeous images that are simply fed to me when I open my dashboard. Yes I spent a bit of time curating the people to follow, but one cannot get it wrong if you choose anything in Art, Photography, Fashion, Architecture… so now every time I open my Tumblr I am flooded with images of beauty, serenity, amazing places, great fashion… photographs that take me away. The level of aesthetics in the posts is amazing, although they range from funny, to cute, to silly to simply gorgeous.

As a very simple microblogging platform Tumblr allows only simple images, quotes, and videos. Rarely there is a post that is more than a hundred words, so I am not paying a lot of attention, to be honest, but simply skipping through the images. I love how informal the platform is, it is very relaxed, and free. One image is reblogged hundreds of times, so the most popular (read stunning) ones will eventually reach your Dashboard. So for me Tumblr is like a feed of the Best of Flikr and Google Images, brought to your doorstep. Of course not for everyone, but for those who have interests in all things pretty (like moi) I would definitely say, give it a browse!


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