Food Heaven: Starfish in Chernomoretz, Bulgaria


IMG_4282 So last weekend we were at the Black sea coast for the Spirit of Burgas, where we saw Robbie Williams, and now I can live on my life in peace. But for this trip we decided to experiment and stayed in Chernomoretz, a little town I have passed by many times, but have never stayed there. So besides the gorgeous church yard from my yesterday’s post, we found another heavenly place – right across the street from the church actually, and this time it is a food type of heaven.

The restaurant is called Starfish and is probably one of the best at the sea that I have visited in terms of atmosphere and food. It is on two stories, and is all white and blue, with oleanders at the stairs and a very greek feel to the whole ambiance.

The food is delicious! All we had was so, so, so good, that I am writing now these lines to tell you to go and eat there! I had a greek salad and fried calamari, and the boy had green salad (which had avocado and a bunch of different greens in it) and spicy shrimp. We shared taramasalata and for desert we shared (read the boy ate) cheesecake, and every single thing was so delicious!

The portions were pretty grand – we both could not finish the salads, and definitely put some effort to eat all the fantastic seafood. The pricing was a ok, for the sea, with all we ate (and we drank water and beer) our check was about 60 leva, (30 euro) and we were happy with full bellies.

So huge thumbs up to Starfish. If you ever go near or around Chernomoretz, Bulgaria definitely go and check it out! But remember to make a reservation first, because in season it is always full! And there are good reasons for that too, put on the table!



Миналия уикенд бяхме на морето за Spirit of Burgas и гледахме Роби на живо, така че вече мога да живея спокойна! Но в това пътуване решихме да експериемтнтираме и спахме в Черноморец – място, през което съм минавала толкова много пъти, но никога не съм посещавала наистина. А то се оказа пълно с приятни изненади! Освен приказната църквa, за която ви разказах в постa от вчера, намерихме друго райско място – точно срещу църквата, но този път свързано с вкусотии.

Става дума за ресторант Starfish, смело мога да кажа един от най-добрите ресторанти, в които сме били по нашето море. На два етажа е, но това не му попречи да е целият запазен – добре, че бяхме на концерт и решихме да вечеряме раничко, иначе нямаше да ни се получи хапването там. Така че, aко решите да посетите този синьо-бял рай на вкусната храна, определено се обадете да си запазите маса, или отидете около 18:00-18:30 до 20 часа.

Ние с момчето ядохме следните неща – аз гръцка салата и калмари, той – зелена салата (която е от различни салатки и авокадо) и пикантни скариди. Разделихме си една тарама, и десерт – чийзкейк (при нас разделянето на десерт е по-скоро 1 към 9 в полза на момчето) и всичко беше толкова вкусно!

Порциите бяха огромни и се озорихме доста – оставихме салатите, но геройски си хапнахме всичките морски вкусотии 🙂 А като сметка, не беше никак зле – с всичко изядено и издути коремчета от храничка, водичка и биричка, платихме около 60 лв, което не е никак зле за сметка на морето.

И така, големи адмирации към Starfish за храната и обстановката! Определено си залсужава посещението, толкова, че на втората вечер пак седнахме там!

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Isabel Marant pour H&M – Party of the year

So you wish you were there… me too. 🙂

Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy! 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Online!

I am so very excited! The 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target can be shopped online! Well limited pieces only, and no bags, but to be honest for a fashion lover located in Bulgaria enough is enough. (Side note: Target, come on! Why are you only in the US???) I would have killed for a bag, but there was no one to be in line for the precious purse to be purchased. So this is the selection I decided on:

phillip lim for target 3

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target® Sparkle Dress -Black

phillip lim for target 2

.1 Phillip Lim for Target® Dress -Powerline Print

phillip lim for target 1

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target® Sweater Dress -Grey

The saddest part of it all – I have to wait until December to be able to try on the goodies, as they are going to be shipped to my brother’s house. But  the wait is very much worth it! 🙂

❤ Pet

Maria Queen Maria




photo 5 photo 1 (2)

Миналата седмица бях поканена на откриването на новия бутик на MariaQueenMaria на бул Витоша 70  и съм много впечатлена, не само от страхотните авторски дизайни на дрехите, които ми напомнят на микс от авагардността на Margiela и МcQueen, но и от двете дизайнерки, които са прекрасни, луди и много мили дами. Много се радвам, че в България имаме подобни дизайнерски проекти и им пожелавам много успехи!


Last week I was invited for the opening party of the new botique of Maria Queen Maria.  I am very impressed with the great designs of the pieces, which remind me of a mix of the avant-gauarde style of Margiela and McQueen , but also with the two designers who are wonderful, quircky and kind ladies.  I am extremely happy that there are such design projects in Bulgaria and wish them all the best!
MariaQueenMaria-008 MariaQueenMaria-011 MariaQueenMaria-023 MariaQueenMaria-027

The night of MMM at H&M : Incredible

Две думи: искам всичко!
Дрехите са страхотни. Много високо качество. Изключителен поглед за детайл. И оригинални дизайни, деконстуирани моменти и много, много различни силуети от всичко каквото сме виждали в магазините. Дизайн на много високо ниво. Определено ще си заслужава чакането по опашка и изецждането на кредитната ми карта. 🙂
А, и забравих да кажа колко чудесно беше мястото на привюто. Стара къща. Изтъркани олющени стени. Малки букетчета от бели рози. Завръщане към едно минало гледайки към стилното бъдеще, естествено с вкус на Moët.

Two words I want it all! The clothes are fabulous! Very high quality. Incredible detail. And original ideas, deconstructed moments and very different than anything we have seen in the high street clothing stores silhouettes. Design on very high level. Definitely will be worth the wait on lines and draining my credit card. 🙂











Aldo: In Sofia Already!

So guess who also came to town quietly this weekend?!? Aldo! The Canadian shoe retailer landed in our capital this weekend, and unlike another very glamorous and talked-about event gathered almost no attention. The three billboards around downtown were the only attention-catching medium. Almost no press, no noise, no big massive opening, no blogers invited? Dear Aldo peeps, work on your PR folks, change of staff, perhaps?! Definitely wrong timing though, but still… Aldo is in Sofia. Fact.

Anyways, my excitement is not exactly flying off the rooftop, but still can’t wait to check the store out in the next couple of days. Hope the prices are descent, because the shoes are pretty cute. I am curious how the store will be positioned, because in the US/UK it is nothing very fancy or expensive. Or as they say on their site “ALDO is dedicated to bringing you both quality and cutting-edge trends at affordable prices”. We shall only see how affordable they are here. Stay tuned for the post after the Aldo-venture! 

H&M Couture? Pretty Cool!

I know I have been on an H&M roll, but as I have shared before, my excitement for the brand’s internationalization on the Bulgarian market cannot be hidden away. Plus the billboards everywhere in Sofia are reminding me that soon affordable fashion will be available to prettyfy our Sofia-town.

The latest news is that the absolutely gorgeous Michelle Williams has been dressed exclusively by H&M for the BAFTAs last week. The dress has been created by the H&M studio, along with Michelle and her stylist Kate Young. The top and skirt are created by sustainable materials and will be available for purchase in select stores and online as part of the Conscious collection in the beginning of April.

So yes, not only affordable, but also sustainable and gorgeous fashion is on the way to Sofia. Fabuloso!

Marni for H&M is Almost Here!

Marni’s collection for H&M is fabulous, and unlike the Versace collection for the brand, has tasteful colors and prints combinations. Can’t wait until March! 10th is the date, because the news is that Marni will be in the H&M store at The Mall in Sofia! As the billboards say – Sofia will not be the same after that day. Can’t wait for the pretty to come here!

H&M is Here! And It is just Fabulous!

I am so excited as I just came home from the event of the season! H&M’s new showroom opening was this evening and I was more than fortunate to be among the few selected guests at the fab event. I shared yesterday my excitement about the announcement of the opening date – 10th March. But today it was extra special because I got to see the new collection in advance. And oh, boy, was it fab!

The color palettes are fabulous for the summer! Blues and pinks and neutrals along with neon oranges and greens.  

Absolute loved all the accessories! There is a 60’s feel to all the chunky heels, big necklaces and white-framed sunglasses.


The whole atmosphere was great! I am more than ecstatic that there is a fashion brand with a showroom. It is high time that Bulgarian fashion scene changes a bit and becomes what it is supposed to be, and I am more than hopeful that H&M will be a huge catalyst of that change. The prices are actually decent. The clothes are good quality and of course the trends, colors and silhouettes are what is in and trendy.

Thank you H&M for the invite and congratulations on a wonderfully organized event and a more than gorgeous new showroom!

Hallelujah!!! H&M in Bulgaria. The date has been set!!!!

I know the exclamation marks are one too many, but I can’t hide my excitement. Really! I am so so excited that H&M is finally coming to Bulgaria.

The Sofia scene will be so much more beautiful and well-dressed and fabulous after the magic date – March 10th 2012. The place is the Mall and the mood will be more than spectacular. Can’t wait!!!