Madonna: “I still feel different”

Madonna was on Ellen talking about being different, and that “it is ok to be who you are”… Love both Ellen and Madonna!!!

Definitely spend 5 minutes to listen to what Madge has to say… so worth it and inspirational.


Gwyneth on Glee?!


Look at this! Yes she will be on Glee next week as a substitute teacher or something like that… The promo after last night’s episode was sigh-worthy as they showed everyone dancing in the rain singing Rihanna’s umbrella… Hot guys!


I am not the hugest Gwyneth fan, but I am excited to see her bring it on…

And on the Glee note… I have been a Gleek since episode 1, and I am so excited they stopped doing singer themed episodes, and are paying more attention on various teen issues such as bullying, gay issues and just being different. Different is good, and Glee is amazing for showing it!