Best Xmas Gift Ever!

necchi215This is what I got for Christmas from the boy! I am so very excited, as sewing is a completely new adventure for me and it is as scary and unknown as starting to learn a foreign language. I have watched a bunch of YouTure videos on how to thread is, how to start it and so on, and this week will be full of mystic attempts and tryouts. Keep your fingers crossed!

Dream on! Till next time!

❤ Pet

New York, New York

We are back from a fantastic holiday trip to the USofA. We went to my brother’s MBA graduation in PA, then visited DC and hung out with dear friends and Christmas was spent in the splendid fairy tale city of New York.

Here are some of the fantastic moments we had waking around the city with my mom. 20140105-223556.jpg


The fashion district.







Dream on! Till next time!

Merry Christmas from Victoria’s Secret

OMG, it is a year old video, but I have never seen it, so I am sharing, because I am in a bit of a WTF-mode. Obviously brains are not in demand when you become a Victoria’s Secret angel.


Оле, това е видео от преди година, но сега го виждам за пръв път. Споделям, защото въм леко изумена, как не ти трябва много мозък, за да си ангел на Victoria’s Secret.

Very Happy Merry Christmas!

 On this wonderful day they say all wishes come true! So I wish health, wealth and happiness to all! (Something like peace on Earth, but in a milder form) 🙂 May all your wishes come true indeed and let the Christmas joy fill your hearts all year long. Because people should be good not only on 25th December, but always. Always indeed.

Happy Merry Christmas!

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Oh Christmas Tree, Lanvin Style!

Christmas is just around the corner, and after I have decorated my little tree a couple of weeks ago, I just got to share one more Christmas tree! Pretty fantastic I must say!

 The traditional decoration of the Claridge’s Hotel was done by no other that Alber Elbaz from Lanvin. It is adorable. Really. Adorable.

Beauty from Tumblr- It Smells Like Christmas!

Only two weeks are left until Christmas, and I am getting more and more in Jingle Bells-mood! Decorations, gifts, recipes for delicious Christmas treats… it is all up and buzzing in my head. And what better place to turn for inspiration to than Tumblr ! These are my top picks for tree decorations.

1. Very, very white

2. Blue and fun 3. Starry white 4. Golden joy  After gathering inspiration I decided that this year my tree will be all silver and white, and although very small, I think the result is pretty!   

What are your favourite Christmas colours?

All I Want for Christmas Part 3: Chanel

I am a book lover, and when it comes to christmas list, there is nothing better than receiving books. Especially amazingly pretty books about Chanel!

Presented in the label’s signature quilted leather and adorned with the famous double ‘C’, François Baudot and François Aveline’s ‘Chanel Luxe’ trilogy is the ultimate collector’s item for lovers of the iconic French fashion house. With three books exploring Fine Jewelry, Perfume and Coco herself, these wonderful volumes are a testament to the incomparable achievements and history of the brand. This wonderful book can be purchased, for the mere €560 at Net-A-Porter.

So here we go again Santa.

John Lewis Rocks the Christmas Season Yet Again

The new John Lewis ad is out and it is just so sweet and easy to relate to. We all remember the times when we were waiting for that big Christmas morning every single year and we just couldn’t be more excited, but this little guy is waiting anxiously not for the reasons we were waiting. The end is an “awwwwww” moment, and that is always amazing when we talk about ads. The song   by The Smiths’ “Please, Please, Please” is creating even further the innocence and purity of the mood. Great job to the agency Adam & Eve.

Of course we have to remember and last year’s ad, because it is just as strong. Great job John Lewis, always playing on the emotional strings!

All I Want for Christmas Part 2: Marc by Marc Jacobs

 I have lusted after this bag before,but it is definitely worth mentioning again. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Huge Hillier Hobo is my ultimate wanna-own bag. It is classic, humongous and spacious, yet cool and modern looking. I love the idea of the two different length straps, makes it even more versatile.

So there you go Santa, one more item to the Christmas wishlist!

All I Want for Christmas Part 1: Dior: Couture

 A book! Indeed a book! Filled with glitz, glamour, gowns and gorgeous photography. Dior: Couture is probably the book of the season, and definitely on my Christmas wish list. The imagery in the book is of no other but Patrick Demarchelier, so there is not even a hint of doubt it is going to be genius! Amazing photographer shooting of of the most prominent and powerful designs of Dior atelier- from Christian Dior himself to the John Galliano times, priceless at less than $70 on Amazon.

Photos courtesy of Christian Dior