Faves Time: July Favoutites

July Favourites are here! It has been a month full of sea dreams, beach memories and hot, hot sun. So my favourites for the month are pretty summery and chill.


Summer means that nails should be bright and fun! I have been paying more attention to my nails, and have a whole bunch of nail products that I have used and loved last month.

Avon Quick Dry Nail Spray *– it does work! All you need is a spray and a few second, and your nails are dry. It is some kind of witchcraft, people!

OPI Avoplex *– this product takes care of my cuticles and nails in the downtime between color. Absolutely love the little brush!

And my three fave polishes are all nautical, sea-appropriate and … blue:

Rimmel 60 Seconds by Rita Ora in 878 Breakfast in Bed

Essie in 266 Naughty Nautical

Loved By Sarah Lavoine

Pearl Dent Whitening Strips*

I have been using them just once a week trying to refresh my teeth and brighten them up, and these little strips are working! I am going to keep them and have a more hard core session before the wedding for a bright and diamond-shining smile.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

This has been the discovery of the month! I am addicted! This lotion has transformed my skin and is helping me manage my hormonal break outs. It clears the skin to perfection and makes it smooth and bright. I love, love, love it!

Bioderma Photoderm SPF50+ *in Bronze

I do not go out of the house without SPF. This tinted moisturizer with SPF50 has been all I have been using on my face in the heath. It has light coverage, brightens the skin and protects it from the sun.

Essence Nudes Palette*

This has been back into business, I like it as eye shadows and as a little spot=highlighter to intensify my “strobing” obsession the two lightest shades are amazing – the white one has a great pearl sheen, and the pink gold under it is great for more intense highlights.

Clinique Pops in 01 Nude Pop

Fave by far! It is such a comfortable to wear lipstick, the color is super natural and pretty and it lasts very well. If they were not with such a high pricetag I would buy more and more colors!

L’Oreal Color Riche Pure reds in Blake’s Red

This is my vah-vah-voom color of the summer. I am preparing a whole post with my Red-lip obsession. It is so longlasting, it is not even real. Love. Love. Love.

Brow-game has been on fleek as well. As a person with naturally thick and big brows, I have rarely used brow products, but these two enhance what I have so good.

L’oreal Brow Artist – it is a great dark and hard pencil, to shape and fill in.

Revitabrow Hi-Def tinted brow gel* – This is cement for your brows. I love how it holds them in place, tints them and keeps them for a whole day the way you intended your eyebrows to be!


These are my faves! Have you tried any of them? What do you think?

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Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. Products noted with an * are PR samples sent to me for my consideration. All opinions are my own and I would never write and talk about a product, and recommend it, if I do not love it 100%! 




travel essentials 3


This is the second part of my “what I took with me on vacation” series. Yesterday I posted part 1 with the After-shower necessities, and today I am sharing with you my skin care (day and night essentials).

Starting with taking the day off – I am using the Nominoe Cleansing Foam, which came in a travel size with My Little Box. I love that this product is very gentle, but works so well! It is also natural, made with 98% natural ingredients and 11% organic ingredients. I use it in the evening to wash my face before bed.

After that I cannot go without my Bioderma Sensibio* Micellar Water. I have it in a compact and pretty travel size. Hands down this is the best micellar water that I have tried, and it is a holy-grail products. I use it mainly to take off my eye makeup and give a little swipe on my face.

The Clinique Clarifying lotion is my third “cleansing” step. I use the step 2, as my skin gets dried out from the seasalt and wind on the beach, but at home on a normal day I use the combination to oily skin. It exfoliates and completely cleans the face.

My night time routine gets completed with the Lierac  Liftissime trio* – Serum, Moisturiser and Eye creme. I have travel sample of the three of them and am testing them out, as I decided to give them a go and keep my 30-year-old skin from wrinkles.

In the morning I go only with micellar water and both the Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Serum and Essential Day Moisturizer*. They are both hearty and brightening and give enough moisture to my face for the day.

For all about the make up that I took with me – stay tuned tomorrow.

travel essentials 4


Това е втората част на постовете от тип “Какво взех с мен на морето”. Първата част, публикувана вчера е за продуктите, които използвам след душ, а днес ще ви споделя грижата за лице – дневна и нощна.

Започвам с почистване на деня от лицето, за което използвам Nominoe Cleansing Foam, мека почистваща пяна, която получих в мини-размер с My Little Box. Пяната е нежна и приятна, а почиства грим и нечистотии наведнъж. Другото хубаво е, че е натурален продукт с 98% натурални съставки и 11% органични. Използвам я преди лягане.

След това продължавам почистване с розовата мицеларна вода Bioderma Sensibio*, тя ми е продукт, без който не мога, а красивата малка опаковка за път я прави много подходяща.

Почистването завършвам с Clinique Clarifying lotion, като използвам номер 2 за суха и смесена кожа, тъй като от солта и вятъра на плажа кожата ми изсъхва. Лосионът нежно ексфолира и почиства допълнително лицето.

Вечер използвам триото Lierac  Liftissime* – серум, крем и околоочен крем. Получих мини опаковки на продуктите, които са много подходящи за път и реших да ги тествам, тъй като така или иначе трябва да се грижа за 30-гошината си кожа и да я предпазвам от бръчки.

Сутрин ползвам Ahava* Dead Sea Osmoter Serum и Essential Day Moisturizer– серум и дневен крем, които озаряват кожата и я предпазват от пресушаване от летните елементи през деня.

Очаквайте още един пост за гримовете, които взех с мен утре.

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Travel essentials vol.1: After-shower necessities

travel essentials 5

This week we are mixing business and pleasure and spending a few days at the sea – part organising our wedding, part chillaxing at the beach. In three posts I am going to share with you what I have in my bag in terms of beauty essentials and skin/body care.

Starting with the products I use after shower, which happens more often than normal.

I love going makeup-free at the beach and in the morning I have two things that I use for my face, which make my skin glowy and beach-photo ready.

My Little Beauty – Finishing Complexion Perfector  – I got it from My Little Box, and it is a salmon-hued face cream that evens the skin tone and gives a subtle glow. I like that it is moisturising as well, so it is several steps in one simple product.

Clinique Pore refining solution Instant Perfector – I do have issues with my pores, and as I have been told only laser can fix them (and I am too scared/young/poor to try something that serious as treatment), I got this little magic-maker – it does the job very well, and makes my skin smooth and soft.

As I love digging in the sand and playing in the salty sea water (yep, I am not a very lady-like beach creature), my skin needs a bit more moisture.

I like the Ahava Mineral hand cream for my hands, as they definitely need it. For my body I do like the Soap and Glory Glow Lotion – it smells good, nourishes the skin and gives the tanned skin a very healthy J-Lo kind of glow.

As for the hair, I do like two things to keep my hair soft, but my curls behaving well – the Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence, for protection and conditioning and Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco for curl-shaping and hold. I like them both even more, because they are in a travel-size, so they do not take a lot of space.

DSC_0697Тази седмица с момчето смесваме бизнес и удоволствие, и сме на морето – организираме сватбата ни и, в свободното време, се излежаваме на плажа. В няколко поста ще ви покажа всички продукти, които взех с мен, с идеята да се грижа за кожата си и за това, да изглеждам не-плашещо на снимки.

Започвам с продуктите, които използвам след душ – лице, тяло и коса. Принципно не обичам да ходя с грим на плажа, но кожата ми има нужда от допълнителна грижа, за да изглежда добре, така че използвам два продукта, които работят над тази задача.

My Little Beauty – Finishing Complexion Perfector  е крем, който получих от My Little Box, и е крем с цвят сьомга, който изравнява тена, овлажнява кожата и придава много приятен блясък.

Clinique Pore refining solution Instant Perfector ми помага да скрия порите си (тъй като ми казаха, че единствения начин да се отърва от тях е с лазер, а аз съм прекалено млада/бедна/уплашена от такава инвазивна процедура). Кремчето е много приятно и действа като магия – намазваш и порите ги няма, работи и прави кожата гладка и мека.

И тъй като обичам да ровя в пясъка и да стоя във водата – да, не съм от типа дами на плажа, които се въртят на припек и не докосват пясъка, кожата ми изсъхва. Двете неща, които ползвам я съживяват- Ahava Mineral hand cream  е кремче за ръце, което много ми допада и връща ръцете ми към живот, а Soap and Glory Glow Lotion е лосион за тяло с фини розови частици, които правят кожата бляскава и мека, особено добре работи на кожа с тен, представете си J.Lo!

За коса имам два продукта, които правят косата ми мека и се грижат за къдриците ми. Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence използвам за предпазване от жега, слънце и запазване на мекотата, а Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco ми помага да си оформя къдриците, без да ми става косата на клечки и да изсъхва. И двете са в удобни размери за път, което ги прави още по-чудесни.

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