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Миналата седмица бях поканена на откриването на новия бутик на MariaQueenMaria на бул Витоша 70  и съм много впечатлена, не само от страхотните авторски дизайни на дрехите, които ми напомнят на микс от авагардността на Margiela и МcQueen, но и от двете дизайнерки, които са прекрасни, луди и много мили дами. Много се радвам, че в България имаме подобни дизайнерски проекти и им пожелавам много успехи!


Last week I was invited for the opening party of the new botique of Maria Queen Maria.  I am very impressed with the great designs of the pieces, which remind me of a mix of the avant-gauarde style of Margiela and McQueen , but also with the two designers who are wonderful, quircky and kind ladies.  I am extremely happy that there are such design projects in Bulgaria and wish them all the best!
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Conscious Fashion for Spring


Новата колекция Conscious на H&M е тук, а нейното лице тази пролет е Ванеса Паради. Певицата и актриса е фен на винтидж стила и една от най-стилните звезди.


The new H&M Conscious collection is out, and the face behind it this spring is Vanessa Paradis. The singer and actress is fan of vintage clothing and is one of the most stylish celebreties.

Обожавам Conscious колекциите, защото те доказват, че модата може да бъде едновременно красива и екологично устойчива. Колекцията, както винаги е направена от материали, които са изцяло устойчиви – органичен памук, рециклиран полиестер и Тенсел.


I personally Love the Conscious collections because, they proove that the fashion can be trendy, beautiful and sustainable at the same time. The collection, as always is made of sustainable and recycled materials.

HM_Conscious_7-320x400 HM_Conscious_1-150x400 HM_Conscious_2-209x400 HM_Conscious_11-437x400


Едновременно с колекцията ще бъде представена и инициативата Conscious за събиране на дрехи в магазините на H&M. Клиентите навсякъде по света, както и в България ще могат да носят в избрани магазини ненужните си дрехи, независимо от марката им, и срещу всяка торба ще получават H&M ваучер, като всеки клиент може да носи най-много по две торби на ден. H&M е първият моден бранд, който насърчава връщането на дрехи в такъв размер в усилието си да намали количеството текстил, което отива на сметищата.


For the Love of Black and White Polka Dots



I have been in a love-hate relationship with polka dots, since I was a child.  I still am. One of my first sartorial memories from my mom’s closet was a wonderful black and white polka dot dress- knee lenght, short sleeves, little turtle neck, with lace apliquet on the chest. Designed by my grandmother, it was wonderful! I absolutely loved that dress, and couldn’t wait to grow up to wear it. But then growing up, every piece of clothing in polka dot pattern I put on, made me look ridiculous, simply because polka dots were not that much in fashion and I was ridiculed by friends. So after a long low period with nothing polka dot in my closet, I started with small steps. First it was a little scarf, then a little applique detail,  then a skirt and now I am back in love with the idea of a polka dot dress. I guess I found my own inner peace and don’t care about mocking, ridicule or what is in fashion per-say any more.

So recently I was looking for cool polka dot dresses, firmly decided to blog about this story and you can imagine who bewildered I was when I found a whole style report section on WWW for the polka-dots.

So after this inspiration from WWW, I assume polka dots are back in style. Black, white, red, small, large, full on dresses or simply a detail, polka dots are everywhere. So here are some dresses are strike my fancy, to replace the vintage mommy’s dress in my grown up life, until I dig through her closet and find if it is still in existence.

Necessities, Staples and Other Closet Essentials: The Jersey Dress

Another staple that I am a firm believer in is the jersey dress. Especially for the transitional seasons.  It can be cotton jersey or silk jersey, depending on how sophisticated you want to be, but the jersey gives a sense of comfort and cozyness that no other fabric can provide. The other thing with jersey is that it looks good on almost everyone, it is heavy material and flows very well , that of course can result in wonderful draped or structured dresses.

As it is spring already a jersey dress is the perfect item for both day and night. Just style it with simple jewelry and flats for work and running errands, and then put on some chunky jewelry or belts and other accessories to turn it in a club outfit.  Absolutely love the simplicity in the dresses bellow. As I tend to be a lover of the colour black, my choices are very similar to the Little Black Dress choices, but these are much more comfier and less structured versions.  For summer, get rid of the sleeves and look for something with straps or strapless. Jersey will keep you cool, in both ways 🙂

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