It’s a Hathaway Day

Anne Hathaway is one of my fave celebs. She is natural, funny and carries some kind of spark that is very hard to define. So first thing today, when going through my google reader I saw a wonderful photo session, Anne had for Interview Mag. It is gorgeous, exquisite, a bit goth, but very powerful imagery. I love the sinister and very dramatic set, with the lace and feathers, and of course the dark nails and makeup juxtapositioned with the white skin. It is simply gorgeous.

So I kept on reading stuff and there goes another Anne Hathaway piece. A youtube clip from a couple of days ago featuring Anne rapping away. It is hilarious! So there you go – from an angelic goth-like amazing photoshoot to being fun and crazy in the style of lil’Wayne.

Yet Another Reason Why I Love Conan…

not only because he is awesome, but because he does not care if he is outrageous.

Love the new American Express ad, and it is great that they picked Conan, as their first celebrity in years, to be in the spot. After everything that has happened in the last year, it is great that he is back and hit the ground running!

“If you’re really serious about entertainment, every detail counts” message is so spot on, with regards to Conan, and the whole story about the search for perfection is adorable and hilarious.

Fab job!