Dior at Harrods: Must See. Must Feel. Must Experience.

Last week I was in one of my favourite cities in the world and my ex-home – London. To be honest I did not do any touristy things, but used my time to see friends, shop and visit something extraordinary – The Christian Dior exhibit at Harrods.

The Dior exhibit was amazing. Honestly for the 40 minutes I was there, it felt like heaven! The pictures can’t really do it justice, because seeing sketches by Christian Dior himself, the dress Charlize Theron wore in the J’Adore Commercial or Princess Diana’s Blue dress is priceless and can’t really be described.

dior at harrods 10 dior at harrods 12

The exhibition was divided into several rooms, which told the story of the most emblematic Dior pieces and products.

The J’Adore room was amazing. Exhibited were the dresses from the ads and the floor was covered with bottles of J’Adore.

dior at harrods 14

dior at harrods 4

dior at harrods 2

The Lady Dior room was impressive, all was dedicated to the bag, from the basic parts of it to artful interpretations.

photo 1 (1)

dior at harrods7 dior at harrods 24 dior at harrods 20 dior at harrods 18

The whole place was full of fashion, history and luxe.

dior at harrods 9 dior at harrods 1

dior at harrods 15 dior at harrods 11 dior at harrods

The most breathtaking piece was a white flowery organza dress that was exquisite! The detail of it is simply impossible, as it is all covered in delicate organza flowers ranging from purple to white, to give the impression of a gorgeous Monet paining.

dior at harrods22

So this was a part of the Dior world I experienced. Definitely would recommend it to everyone who is in London until mid-april. And last but not least, the men who are taking you around the exhibit and greeting you at the entrance are the most beautiful male creatures I have seen, if Ken was alive, he would be one of these guys. 🙂

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And the Winner of the Red Carpet Style Award is…

Elie Saab!

One word: GORGEOUS! Everything! Every single piece!

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Chanel’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

Feathers, forest, fabulous dramatic make up, classy yet edgy. Uncle Karl has created a dreamy and enchanted world.
chanel 1 chanel 5 chanel 6 chanel 3 chanel 9 chanel 8 chanel 11 chanel 13 chanel 12 chanel 14 chanel 16

chanel 17

SPRING 2013 COUTURE: Christian Dior…

… or full skirts, layers and flowers! Spring is here!

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Fab Pick of the Day: Dior Couture

Absolutely dying for black dresses, I am indeed. So you can only imagine when I saw this piece of wonderful gourgeousness!

Dior definitely made it clear that they are fabulous, even without Galiano at the helm. The Couture collection is so feminine, graceful and extraordinarily chic.