Time for Little Wisdom

I have listened to this talk so many times, and every single time there is something new I find out that makes me think, contemplate and discover myself in the words. Sarah Kay is an incredible woman, whom I admire for the endless wisdom filling her words, that are never spoken like simple sentences, but always filling a melody of a continuous breath.

“Getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.” 

Hot or Not?

George Clooney is in a bank ad, these days, promoting savings. The story is a bt awkward and definitely unrealistic. Perhaps that’s the point. But seriously… not funny, not that cute, and definitely not making me save more. There is a buzz around,  that he said he will never ever marry again, so he agreed to this ad for shits and giggles.

It reminds me of the Uma Thruman Schweppes ad, that is basically the same – a blah featuring a celeb. Having famous people definitely works wonders for the virality of the ads, but the creatives should put some more creativity in the story and the copy. I have always wondered how you go and pitch that script to the celebs….

Diesel: Definitely Not Stupid

Saw the new Diesel underwear campaign on Fashion Foie Gras this morning, and it made me happy!

Everyone knows the BE STUPID campaign, I would not go as far as everyone loves it, although I am pretty positive there are quite a few fans out there, and I am certainly a fan.

The new underwear ads are just as scandalous and funny. The tag line is “Today I am…” and i think definitely they are!

I know they are a bit racy, but in the same time Diesel know who the target audience is, they know who their consumer is, and they know how to market to that consumer using fun and sex- because that consumer likes fun and sex. Nothing wrong with that. Of course I highly doubt Vogue will publish these ads, but I also doubt Diesel want to be in Vogue with these ads. It is a very thoughtful campaign. Good job Diesel, yet again!

See more of the pictures at  Diesel