PLUS STYLE: Boho in Paradise


Yes! There is a white chick in the photo above, and no, it is not me – it is a real chicken! With this photo shoot I would like to share about a place that we found this past weekend at the sea. It is a little piece of heaven on earth, and yes I can say so, for real, because it is the yard of a church.

The church yard in Chernomoretz is practically the garden of Eden – with hundreds of different plant, chickens running around and blooming flowers everywhere. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have been around the Bulgarian coast. Definitely a must see.

And while there, do take your time to go in, light a candle and exchange a few words with the priest, he is one interesting guy, who has created all this.


Да на снимката горе има кокошка, и не говоря за себе си, a за истинско пиле 🙂 През изминалия уикенд на морето намерихме малко райско място- двора на църквата в Черноморец! Някак си неочаквано, познавайки нашето Черноморие.

Дворът на църквата е изпълнен с най-различни видове растителност, кафези с кокошки и пиленца и много, много цъфнали цветя. Определено е едно от най-красивите места на морето, което съм виждала.

И ако минавате от там, отделете време да запалите свещ в църквата и да си поговорите с попа- един много интересен и забавен човек, който е сътворил цялата тази красота.



Knit sweater: Zara; Dress: Pull&Bear; Bag: Mango; Lipstick: Rimmel by Kate 110


Пуловер:  Zara; Рокля:Pull&Bear; Чанта: Mango; Червило: Rimmel by Kate 110

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White Lace Dresses

I don’t know whether it is because we are already planning our wedding or just because summer is just around the corner, but I am adoring right now white, lace midi-lenght dresses. I cannot help myself but share some of the best ones I have found on ASOS here.


Не знам дали е заради сватбата, която вече усилено планираме или защото лятото наближава, но в момента обожавам бели, дантелени рокли с дължина до коляното. Няма как да се сдържа и да не споделя тук любимите си, които намерих в ASOS.image1xl

ASOS Premium Midi Skater Dress with Daisy Appliques

image1xl (1)

ASOS Wiggle Dress in Linen Crochet Lace


ASOS TALL Scallop Lace Edge Midi Dress

image4xl (1)

Jarlo Hartley Lace Midi Dress With Plunge Neckline

image4xl (2)

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Midi Dress In Lace With Short Sleeves

image4xl (3)

True Decadence Textured Midi Prom Dress with Full Skirt

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Style Awards: Top 3 Oscar Gowns


Last night at the Oscars, I am like all the girls and was so super excited about the red carpet, and the gowns, and the jewellery and make up and all the pretties! Here is a short and sweet post about my top 3 most stylish and gorgeous dresses from last night, in no particular order.

Cate Blanchett in Martin Margiela Couture

Cate Blanchett in Martin Margiela Couture

Love the simple gown with the turquoise statement necklace, it is so sophisticated in it’s simplicity. Also the hair in a voluminous and messy updo creates an effortless and chic styling.

o Marion Cotillard in Dior Haute Couture

Marion Cotillard in Dior Haute Couture

This look is so different and unique. Absolutely love the black detail at the back and the extra volume that creates a structural amazingness!

 Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.21.00 PM

Rosamund Pike in Givenchy

Red lace, what more is there to love. And the red strappy sandals are just perfect.

And the biggest flop from the series “You wore my dress”, the same gown was spotted on Jennifer Lopez and Robert Duvall’s Wife Luciana Pedraza. It’s a beautiful Elie Saab nude pink creation, good that J.Lo wore it with a belt, to make it her own.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.27.17 PM

Which were your favourites?

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Dior at Harrods: Must See. Must Feel. Must Experience.

Last week I was in one of my favourite cities in the world and my ex-home – London. To be honest I did not do any touristy things, but used my time to see friends, shop and visit something extraordinary – The Christian Dior exhibit at Harrods.

The Dior exhibit was amazing. Honestly for the 40 minutes I was there, it felt like heaven! The pictures can’t really do it justice, because seeing sketches by Christian Dior himself, the dress Charlize Theron wore in the J’Adore Commercial or Princess Diana’s Blue dress is priceless and can’t really be described.

dior at harrods 10 dior at harrods 12

The exhibition was divided into several rooms, which told the story of the most emblematic Dior pieces and products.

The J’Adore room was amazing. Exhibited were the dresses from the ads and the floor was covered with bottles of J’Adore.

dior at harrods 14

dior at harrods 4

dior at harrods 2

The Lady Dior room was impressive, all was dedicated to the bag, from the basic parts of it to artful interpretations.

photo 1 (1)

dior at harrods7 dior at harrods 24 dior at harrods 20 dior at harrods 18

The whole place was full of fashion, history and luxe.

dior at harrods 9 dior at harrods 1

dior at harrods 15 dior at harrods 11 dior at harrods

The most breathtaking piece was a white flowery organza dress that was exquisite! The detail of it is simply impossible, as it is all covered in delicate organza flowers ranging from purple to white, to give the impression of a gorgeous Monet paining.

dior at harrods22

So this was a part of the Dior world I experienced. Definitely would recommend it to everyone who is in London until mid-april. And last but not least, the men who are taking you around the exhibit and greeting you at the entrance are the most beautiful male creatures I have seen, if Ken was alive, he would be one of these guys. 🙂

photo 2 (1)

Toi&Moi Spring 2012 Amazingness

Absolutely love the spring Toi&Moi collection. The colors, the florals, the shapes. Enjoy!


For the Love of Black and White Polka Dots



I have been in a love-hate relationship with polka dots, since I was a child.  I still am. One of my first sartorial memories from my mom’s closet was a wonderful black and white polka dot dress- knee lenght, short sleeves, little turtle neck, with lace apliquet on the chest. Designed by my grandmother, it was wonderful! I absolutely loved that dress, and couldn’t wait to grow up to wear it. But then growing up, every piece of clothing in polka dot pattern I put on, made me look ridiculous, simply because polka dots were not that much in fashion and I was ridiculed by friends. So after a long low period with nothing polka dot in my closet, I started with small steps. First it was a little scarf, then a little applique detail,  then a skirt and now I am back in love with the idea of a polka dot dress. I guess I found my own inner peace and don’t care about mocking, ridicule or what is in fashion per-say any more.

So recently I was looking for cool polka dot dresses, firmly decided to blog about this story and you can imagine who bewildered I was when I found a whole style report section on WWW for the polka-dots.

So after this inspiration from WWW, I assume polka dots are back in style. Black, white, red, small, large, full on dresses or simply a detail, polka dots are everywhere. So here are some dresses are strike my fancy, to replace the vintage mommy’s dress in my grown up life, until I dig through her closet and find if it is still in existence.

My Marc Jacobs’ Dress is Everywhere


Couple of weeks ago I shared my obsession with this dress. I am still very much in love with it, but glad to share that some people actually share my little obsession. Kim Kardashian was shot for Glamour in the same dress, and Nicole Kidman wore it for a spread in Harper’s Bazaar. Where is it going to show up next is a good question, right?

I think it will be great if that dress turns into the  next Miu Miu dress. I would have called it 🙂

Styling Shenanigans: The Favorite Dress

Welcome to the Bright Side


I feel like all my posts in the past week are about spring and summer and brights and sunshine! But after a winter that lasted from november till may, I just can’t help it, but be happy, because of the sunny weather and the lush greenery!

This whole bright setting of the meteorological conditions is perfect for bright frocks! This summer bright solid colors is definitely a trend, and I feel a bit early because I have dresses from quite some time ago that are solid brights (blue one is from the Limited, green one from Miss Selfridge), but of course that doesn’t mean new dresses in more bright shades are not to come.

Solid brights are very easy to wear, you just have to find the right color for you- from then on all you need is neutral shoes or floral accessories and you are off to go!

Marvelous Choices for Mortals


Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge 

Aspirational Amazingness

Herve Ledger

Alexander McQueen

Giambattista Valli



Styling Shenanigans: Summer is Here!

 Alexander Wang Trudy leather tote

NEVENKA printed chiffon dress

OSCAR DE LA RENTA Wide perforated leather waist belt

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG  Kourion metallic leather gladiator sandals