Necessities, Staples and Other Closet Essentials: The Jersey Dress

Another staple that I am a firm believer in is the jersey dress. Especially for the transitional seasons.  It can be cotton jersey or silk jersey, depending on how sophisticated you want to be, but the jersey gives a sense of comfort and cozyness that no other fabric can provide. The other thing with jersey is that it looks good on almost everyone, it is heavy material and flows very well , that of course can result in wonderful draped or structured dresses.

As it is spring already a jersey dress is the perfect item for both day and night. Just style it with simple jewelry and flats for work and running errands, and then put on some chunky jewelry or belts and other accessories to turn it in a club outfit.  Absolutely love the simplicity in the dresses bellow. As I tend to be a lover of the colour black, my choices are very similar to the Little Black Dress choices, but these are much more comfier and less structured versions.  For summer, get rid of the sleeves and look for something with straps or strapless. Jersey will keep you cool, in both ways 🙂

Aspirational Amazingness

Donna Karan

Emilio Pucci


Marvelous Choices for Mortals

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania

Michael Kors

T by Alexander Wang 


Royal Wedding Times

So today April 29th 2011 was the day of the Royal Wedding. Prince William married Kate Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge) and the wedding was broadcasted, tweeted, facebooked, youtubed and everything else you can think of in this digital day and age.

Media I followed it on: TV – BBC Worldwide and TLC, twitter and facebook

Hours I spent in front of computer/tv : 3.5

Times I had goosebumps: Countless

But the one time my little heart skipped a beat was when she came out of the car and the whole world could have a good look of the dress.

White and ivory, long lace sleeves, vneck, quite plain, but very regal. The dress was created by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, which is a great step for the fashion world and British fashion. I love that Kate choose the McQueen House, because it carries a spirit of britishness mixed with contemporary feel, it is a great moment for Sarah Burton! Boy, what a year!

The dress is gorgeous! Very Grace Kelly and Audrey, timeless, classic and simply beautiful. So happy it was not something outrageous and frilly like Princess Diana’s dress. This was we can look back 30 years and still the dress will be amazing and not outdated.

Kate made her hair and makeup by herself, which is incredible. Both because shows how down-to-earth she is and because this is such an incredible pressure. But she looked great, indeed!

But the whole amazingness of this wedding was the idea that a common girl, not born royalty, can live the dream from the fairy tales and become a princess and have the most beautiful wedding the world has seen. We can all dream, right? 🙂

Or as Perez Hilton tweeted –

@PerezHilton : I want my own prince too! *sigh* Not a prince by title, but a prince to my heart! #RoyalWedding http://perezhilton.com/category/royals-royce
We all do 🙂

Lanvin SS11- B-e-a-utiful!

Great collection! Love the dreamy Georgia O’Keffee inspired floating light dresses. The pleated pieces are exquisite too…

Images courtesy of style.com

Oh that Miu Miu dress… again!

Miu Miu Appliqué Lace Dress  has been the most popular fashion item in the past couple of months. It is EVERYWHERE! I wonder whether it is on purpose or a mistake of the Miu Miu PR office… or just stylists Love! that dress because it photographs well… anyway it has been a bit over-exploited. Some of the covers it made it on are below.

Is it really THAT amazing of a garment?!

Harper’s Bazaar UK Oct 2011

Vogue Australia October 2011

The rest of the magazines from last month: Elle UK, W magazine,  Elle Sweden and Vogue UK