Top 5 Fall 2014 Trends I Like

This fall there are so many wonderful and different things happening in the fashion world, lace and parkas are still in, and the mix between feminine and masculine, sporty and formal is getting deeper and deeper. Here are my top fave trends of the Fall 2014 season. Let the shopping begin!


Тази есен има много чудесни и различни неща, които се случват в модния свят. Дантелите и парките са все още на мода, но миксът между женско и мъжко, спортно и елегантно се задълбочава и става много интересен. Това са топ тенденциите, които ми допадат в този сезон Есен 2014. Нека пазаруването да започне!

 Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.40.22 PM

Cargo Pants

I do like the cargo pants trend, as I find it very blaze and comfy looking. I do like military green a lot and can’t wait to pair them with a very feminine lace top or girly accessories. (both pants are from H&M.com)


Много ми харесват колко удобни и безгрижни изглеждат. Много обичам маслинено зелено и нямам търпение тази есен да комбинирам карго панталони с женствени блузи или закачливи момичешки бижута.  (и двата панталона са от H&M.com)

  Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.40.45 PM

Utility Boots

Again, very comfortable and rough. I am all about the flat shoe, especially in the winter, so this trend makes me very happy! No more slippy, slippy on the ice and breaky-leggy with heels! These will be best worn with dresses and skirts or distressed jeans.  (both boots are from Deichmann)


Отново много удобно и някак грубо. Обожавам равни обувки, особено през зимата, когато не виждам никакъв смисъл да се мъча с токчета по леда и да си чупя краката. Тези боти ще се комбинират просто чудно с рокли и поли или скъсани дънки. (И двата чифта боти са от Deichmann)

jimmy chooisabel marant

Designer sneakers

Fall is all about comfort this year and designers are to be praized! I am liking these designer sneakers  trend very much, but we have to be careful not to look like we won the shoes on the country fair. (Sneakers- Jimmy Choo; Wedge sneakers – Isabel Marant)


Комфортът е всичко тази есен и дизайнерите трябва да бъдат похвалени за това. Много ми харесват дизайнерските маратонки, но трябва много да внимаваме да не би да изглеждат все едно сме ги спечелили от снакс, има някои много лоши попадения. (Sneakers- Jimmy Choo; Wedge sneakers – Isabel Marant)

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.42.05 PM

Robe coats

Fall is cozy, fall is kind. Definitely love the colorful, warm and fluffy robe coats. They will be a bit tricky to style, as there is a chance as we look like we just had a shower. But with the right outfit they look great! (both coats are from H&M.com)


Есента е сезонът, в който е най-уютно. Тези палта, които наподобяват халат много ми допадат. Цветни са, мекички са и са много удобни. Единствения риск е, че трябва да се комбинират внимателно, тъй като можем да изглеждаме като току що излезнали от банята. (И двете палта са от H&M.com)

elle fall-2014-trends-dresses-over-pants

Dress over pants

This trend is something I have been liking as a look for years. It is very futuristic, yet nostalgic. Supper happy it is a thing this fall!  (photo Elle.com)


 Това е тенденция, която обичам от години. Рокля върху панталон ми е много футуристично, но някак носталгично. Много се радвам, че тази есен е тенденция. (снимка Elle.com)

Which are your favourite trends? Which of these do you like as well?


Кои са вашите любими тенденции? Коя от тези ви допада?

photo (2)

===Love yourself!===

Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins Soon


И така кукли, сестрите Кардашиян ще имат колекция за Dorothy Perkins, която ще може да се купи от 8ми Ноември. Аз съм фен на Кортни, Ким и Клои, и като любител на американска реалити телевизия следя шоутата им и стиловите им изяви. Най-готиното е, че Dorothy Perkins доставят и до България, така че ще може да се поръчва! Някои от моделите са прекалено леопардови за моя вкус, но има и доста добри попадения.


So dolls, the Kardashian sisters are having a collection in collaboration with Dorothy Perkins, which will be available from November the 8th. I am a fan of the Kardashians and as a american reality tv buff watch their shows and stylistic Dorothy Perkins actually delivers to Bulgaria. Some of the pieces are much of a leopard print for me, but there are some good pieces as well.

And the Winners are…

Oscars 2012 commenced last night and of course as always on the morning after we are all talking about the winners. So the winners in the category of best gown of the red carpet are …

 Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli

 Rose Bryne in Vivienne Westwood

 Sandra Bullock in Marchesa

 Rooney Mara in Givenchy

Mila Jovovich in Ellie Saab

 And of course, Miss Piggy in Zac Posen.

White by Vera Wang for David’s Bridal

You know when you reach that period of your life when all your friends are getting married or talk about weddings and although deep down I know it is not exactly the right time for a white dress, there is no harm in giving in and looking at the gorgeous gowns. I just spend quite some time browsing through Vera Wang’s 2012 collection for David’s Bridal – White. Honestly I wish I had to look for a gown just because of this collection. To be honest, I like this collection more than Vera’s own brand. Absolutely adore these two, for the whole collection browse on David’s Bridal site. 

Mirror, Mirror

I feel like I have been living in a little bubble and not being exposed to all the amazing cool new movies that are coming out. So quite obvious I have been so away from the hype of everything that is upcoming and cool and hence my amazement with the new Julia Roberts movie based on the Snow White story. I watched the trailer tonight for the first time and I am in awe!!

Oh the dresses, the actors, the fashion, the funny lines and did I mention the dresses? Definitely a must see!!! It is probably not going to be the brightest or funniest of movies, but definitely looks like something magnificently visually stimulating. And sometimes this is all a gal needs, a fairy tale and gorgeous fashion.

Is Renting the New Shopping?

How many pieces of clothing do you own that you have felt in love with in the store, and you bought them, and then they have been there on the hanger in your closet forever, and you’ve worn them like twice in your life.

I have many of those. And I mean many indeed. I have been thinking about that lately, as I am trying to accumulate all my stuff from around the world in a single closet. And it is hard. Too many dresses too little hanger space. Purses too. And jackets. Who needs 12 jakets, of which you wear only  2 all the time.

We live in an age of accumulation and purchasing mania. We buy stuff, we like to own stuff, but then is that the really satisfying thing…owning a hundred dresses? Or two hundred pairs of shoes?

So when I read the Vivian Weng’s article on the Huffington post, I got to thinking about ownership and how it is changing… at least for myself. Indeed I do not own music – I listen to online radio and stream from youtube. Movies and series is the same- thank you magical streaming places!. There is nothing that is on my computer everything I do stream online. Most of my friends do too. (I say most because I still have traditionalists who buy vynils.) About books… I love books, the smell, the feel, the whole magic into turning a page, but with me moving so often all my books are in different places, even different continents, and as they are the heaviest things, usually get left behind. So lately I started to download books. (still not a die-hard fan though).. So for clothes. Why own so many? Why not rent my clothes too, and after I am tired of them just give them back?

We all remember the first “Sex and the city movie”, when Carrie found out about Bag, borrow and steal. But then again how amazing was the happiness in the line “and it ain’t rented” when the renting queen got her own Louis Vuitton.  So is there something magical about fashion and clothes that makes us be so traditional about buying and storing them or as the society changes and new technology and ways of acting and thinking get into it, is the fashion world going to change too?

Are we going to borrow instead of buy? I would. It is cheaper, more convenient and it definitely gives you more variety and options. You can carry a Birkin on day and a Louis the other. I feel it is like someone else is storing your closet for you, and gives you what you need just when you need it, with the click of a mouse. So what is left is the emotional value, the whole amazingness of the fact that you own a beautiful new dress/bag/shoes. But is it just me or in our fast moving, little attention span society, that moment of amazingness doesn’t last that long, and we are off to the next one and then the next one and the next. Hence the hundreds pieces of stuff that are never worn, but just hang in there.

So are we changing that fast? With the success of bag, borrow and steal, rent the runway and fashion hire, I must say yes we are. Buying is overrated, and stuff is easily accumulated. We as modern, fast-pace women need change, need new stuff and definitely need an easy access to that new stuff. And now we got it all, at the click of a mouse, right?