Sweet treats

You know those times what you are looking through Etsy and you find somethings simply described as AWESOME!

The shop is called Real Fruit Jewelry and as they say they offer “Fresh, juicy looking, organic style!” Absolutely quirky and sweet pieces that are made from real fruit that is somehow magically sealed and colorful-looking. Absolutely die for the three necklaces bellow. So cool!


Надявам се знаете тези мооменти, когато се разглеждате из  Etsy  и намирате нещо чудесно.

Магазинът се казва Real Fruit Jewelry и както пишат предлага свежи, сочно изглеждащи органични бижута. Много чудесни и сладки (буквално), които са направени от истински плодове, които магически някак си са се префасонирали в бижута. По-долу са любимите ми огърлици. Много яки.


Color is all you need!

In addition to the colourful bedding I wrote about, now I am dying for colourful pillows. Having worked at Anthropologie for sometime, I acquired the flair for layering textures and patterns in a way that is just right. Being a person who loves clean lines, and wears pretty simple cuts and colors, this has changed my taste a bit. Home design is something that is very personal, and I did love it all white and clean, until i figured out that white and clean only looks good in the magazines, but when you live in it, it come at you very sterile. So I am all for color and pattern now.

Colourful pillows are the little spots of colour that bring joy in a room. They can be used in a very clean interiors as accents, or add to the joy and bright magic as layers of colour in a busier decors. I am in love pillows since forever, and think they are like the shoes of interiors a girl can never have too many!

I recommend a browse at the Anthropologie  site for home. The pillow section is amazing! I love the detailing – fringe, embroidery, and all the small things that make these pillows little works of art. My faves are these:


But then I started looking for pillow awesomeness at my favourite site for all things pretty – Etsy. I found two shops that are fantastic! Pillow ThrowDecor on Etsy is a little bit less fancy version of the Anthropologie pillows. They don’t have the detailing of the Anthro pillows, but still are beautiful!


Pillows give that extra little pizzazz to an atmosphere, that makes a home special. And to make it your own- color is all you need!

Etsy’s Treasures: Beautiful Necklaces

I really love There are so many little gems there. I wrote about gorgeous necklaces sometime ago, and today again I found a wonderful shop that i find amazing! Ringostone’s jewelry really reminds me of Tiffany’s , it is simple, exquisite and stylish. And oh.. did i mention super cheap! All necklaces I fell in love with are below 20 dollars, which is insane. These are some of the pieces I die for, make suer you visit  Ringostone to see a bunch of other pretty, shiny things!

Orchid Flowers Necklace

Vintage style key necklace 

Simple square double chain necklace 

Simple square pipe double chain necklace

A Vintage Collection for the Modern Princess

Just saw the Alona Freeman collection  from Etsy on Flygirls. It is incredible and got to share it!

Alona’s jewelry is vintage inspired, unique and gorgeous! With more than a hundred pieces it is quite a collection, but most pieces have only one or two units, so they are truly one-of-a-kind.

Oh and the styling of the photos is immaculate! Check my faves and then look through them all…

Coral Red and Mint Green Garden Vintage Collage Necklace



Black Beauty Vintage Collage Necklace



Sweet Sparrow Vintage Collage Necklace